My favourite part of E3 '09 in GIF format

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In all seriousness though this looked like some pretty fancy tech, not that it's getting in my home, it's pretty f-in scary.
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Can't wait to watch it again once Sony and Nintendo's are done, the elephant also made me lol.

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Classic for sure, would of been great to have seen on the big screen.

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@Milkman said:
Oh my god.  This si the funniest video I've seen since a while now.

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ILOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is the best moment of E3!!

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This is brilliant.

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That was quite hilarious indeed, and everyone was thinking , what the hell was that guy wearing , come on! - Sunglasses, and some weird Orange Shirt onstage?!

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Thinking back, I wonder if the glasses were there to ensure he was definatly being recognized by the Natal software.

But yeah. It's not the glitch - that happens - but the way he was so BAM confident about the shoe thing which then totally failed, that was pretty bad.

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YES! I laughed so hard when that happened. This is a big part of what makes press conferences so great.

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That was awesome.


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Literally, I was watching this live, and I was down for the whole thing, then I saw his avatar SPAZZ THE FUCK OUT...

It's probably going to be dreadful.

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Another favourite part of mine:

Host: "This isn't a game where you end up sitting on the sofa using some pre-set waggle controls"
Audience: "BOOOOOoOOOO"
People payed by MS: "WooooO YEAHH WOOOOOOOO DROWN OUT THE BOOING";thumb;1
99 minutes.

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I thought it was a more of a "ohhh" as in oh snap he said it ... they are bringing the fight to nintendo where they like it or not

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It's totally booing, they just don't say the word boo

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I love seeing people say the technology will suck. I'm willing to bet that over 50% of the people on these forums aspire to work in the game industry. That simple fact is actually quite scary. If any of you were to see a game for a preview, especially using new tech, you would tweet/blog/whatever saying that it will be the worst thing ever. The problem with that is, it is still being worked on. The only thing that should have you stating that the camera technology will be terrible is if they had said something like, "..IN STORES NEXT WEEK!"

You think Wii controls suck now, you should have seen it a few months before release.
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Hahahaha, BAM!

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Great video.

@JoshS: You said it man, the Wii controls suck now, yet when it was revealed everyone was promising it'd be fucking awesome. Microsoft are promising Natal will be awesome, they showed us a bullshit video and some demos using special camera and sensor setups (according to Kotaku). We have heard it all before.

Right now Natal is nothing more than a lab experiment using specialist equipment. When Microsoft turn this into a product I can buy for $60, that will do "full body motion capture" as promised (yeah, right...), has speech recognition that works as flawlessly as in the demos and is supported by at least two half decent games, then I will be less of a skeptic.

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@JoshS: Who the hell are you talking to? I don't think anyone is knocking it.
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@Lemmingzx: Yit said it was probably going to be dreadful, I'm saying it's not going to live up to our expectations.
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@Insectecutor: Oh yeah, nevermind then
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it's funny, i laughed when i was watching that. it's almost as bad as when sony was releasing ps3 or something like that. coming out is ridge racer! *crickets* come on guys it's RIDGE RACER. then people start cheering.

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I knew you were going to do that moment. That was hilarious watching it on TV. and even more so when he had no clue what the avatar was doing. Nice.

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@Lemmingzx: Yeah, I found it funny because it seemed like he thought we were going to be so excited to see what the bottom of a avatar's shoes looked like. How did you make that by the way?

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