My Xbox 360 is broke:(

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Ok so I have an Xbox 360 4gb slim .on this Xbox I go to play and it's stuck on the loading screen with the gray loading thing I can access xbox guide but I can't do any thing from it

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i'm sitting on a couple of out of warranty 360s broken from various issues, try calling MS to see what your options are at 1-800-4MY-XBOX

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@wolfgame: I've tryed and they couldn't help at all

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@goins_triston: What do you mean? even if it's out of warranty they should at least give you basic trouble shooting steps or make arrangements for a repair out of warranty, usually in the area of 100$ I think.

EDIT: but I mean if they aren't able to fix it, I doubt we are gonna be able to direct you on how to repair it around here.

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No they didn't they had me explain the problem and they said nothing

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@goins_triston: i've never had that happen ... what do you mean they said nothing? you started talking and there was nothing but dead air? maybe the call got disconnected... Try calling back.

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They I've tryed talking to them and this was my second choice

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well you have other options, on the official xbox site you can chat with a rep, and search the support database for solutions on the problem you're experiencing. Try those things while waiting on hold to talk with someone.

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For as many times as my 360 died (I wanna say three times) Microsoft support was fine. They never didn't offer a solution (ie a label to print out and attached to a box to send it in)... I find it very hard to believe they said NOTHING of use to you. Call them back, say it's broken and you want it fixed... you don't have to be rude, just say what you want.

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