Need Help Finding Out Xbox 360 Console & Power Brick Versions

#1 Posted by astrotriforce (1704 posts) -

Does anyone know what Xbox 360 console versions came with what version Power Brick and how to tell? Figuring out the console version shouldn't be too difficult (go by serial # or hdd size, etc.) and I assume the voltage will be different for different versions of the power brick, or you could tell by a ver. number printed on it.

Essentially, my brother thinks I took his roomate's power brick when I was spending the night, instead of my own. I am pretty positive I took mine, but he says that his roomy's 360 keeps turning off, and is blaming it on the power brick which he says must be mine. Which may be true, but it also could be the 360, considering I almost never play mine and they play theirs 24/7 since they don't have cable TV so all media goes through the 360.

My Xbox 360 is an older model, and a regular white console with a 160GB HDD. While the roommate's is a black console, so I think it's an Elite or an S (same thing?).

I'm not much of a technical guy so any help is appreciated. Basically I need a list of what Power Brick comes with what console. But I couldn't find one online so thought I'd ask around here.

I'm hoping I can simply match the console to the power-brick to figure out if I took the wrong one or not. Especially since my bro lives like 20 miles away. Thanks.

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@astrotriforce: Look at the watt rating on the power supply, the higher wattage unit will go with the older console. Over the years, Xbox 360's have been redesigned a few times to consume less power than previous hardware iterations.

You can use higher rated power bricks with lower consumption consoles, but not the other way around.

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Exactly what MB said. The power unit on my '09 model started making really loud noises and weird vibrations (most likely the fan inside), so I switched it out with a power unit from a 2006 model a friend gave me.

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