Next game your getting/want?

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#1 Posted by Zombie (201 posts) -

Saints Row 2

Dont judge me.

#2 Posted by DrPepper1990 (530 posts) -

Madden 09 collectors edition is on its way. For 360, I'll probably get Halo 3 when I get the 360.

#3 Posted by Riddler (1528 posts) -

Too human tommorrow

Castle Crashers next week

Viva Pinata september 2nd or something

.........not sure after that

#4 Posted by BlindEffekt (917 posts) -

Fable II collectors.

#5 Posted by Thunder (390 posts) -

Fallout 3 then Gears 2

#6 Posted by Lies (3866 posts) -

Force Unleashed.

I'm a giant Star Wars nerd :P So this is exciting.

#7 Posted by Psynapse (1064 posts) -
#8 Posted by DiscoLights (846 posts) -

Final fantasy XIII

#9 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

Fallout 3

#10 Posted by cjmhockey (244 posts) -

Mercenaries 2 and then NHL 09

#11 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

Soul Calibur IV or Star wars: Force Unleashed if I like the demo.

#12 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

Maybe Fable 2...My expectations are getting high again and I am getting pretty hopeful. I really want to know if the game will allow me to go into other people's game and impregnate their wives. I would love to do that to thousands of a serial impregnator. A thousand players would say, "WTH woman, that kid looks nothing like me!" That would be great :P

#13 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -


The Force Unleashed
Infinite Undiscovery
Rock Band 2
(birthdays rule)

Fallout 3
Gears 2
Alpha Protocol
Soul Calibur 4

#14 Posted by SadExchange (27 posts) -

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Fable 2
Rock Band 2
Far Cry 2

Still thinking about Too Human - maybe once the price drops....

#15 Posted by Gorillawhat (1259 posts) -

I need a game to play until Castle Crashers which should hold me out until Mercs and FAble 2 and FC2.

Psyconauts or Indigo Prophecy (xbox originals)

#16 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2427 posts) -

Not sure.Im saving my money right now.

#17 Posted by Vash_The_Stampede (254 posts) -

GH World Tour

#18 Posted by and333 (842 posts) -

Well by the time I get out of basic training Banjo Koozie nuts and blots will be out and i'll wanna play somethin new so that! Plus it'll be cool to play the original Banjo again.

#19 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -

If I dont get Force Unleashed or Too Human, then I have the Fable 2 collectors preordered.

#20 Posted by dennis8 (9 posts) -

fable 2, spore, mercenaries 2, and fallout 3 :D

#21 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -

I pre-ordered Fable 2, Fallout 3, and Far Cry 2.

#22 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3530 posts) -

Fallout 3  its my coming of jesus 

#23 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -

fable 2, gears 2

#24 Posted by dankempster (2252 posts) -

What will I get next? Whatever's incredibly cheap with a great reputation the next time I hit CeX.

The next game I want is FFXIII. So glad it's coming to 360, now I don't have to fork out £350 for a PS3.

#25 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

Mercs 2.  Probably Castle Crashers online too.  Already preordered Gears 2, Fable 2, and Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts at Gamestop.

#26 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3530 posts) -
twenty0ne said:
"I pre-ordered Fable 2, Fallout 3, and Far Cry 2."
nice list 
#27 Posted by solidusnake1234 (7 posts) -

Fable 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead and Gears of War 2

#28 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

For my 360, Fable 2.

But the next game I'll be buying is Spore.

#29 Posted by tokyochicken (849 posts) -

Castle crashers and fallout 3.

#30 Posted by Froghourt (108 posts) -

Probably Castle Crashers.

I lovez mez somez casltez crashings....z.

#31 Posted by BlackSuitAndTie9 (289 posts) -

Probably Battlefield: Bad Company, then after that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

#32 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -

Maybe Star Wars.

#33 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -

I want to get Eternal Sonata.

#34 Posted by PRIMAV3RA (284 posts) -

sims 3

#35 Posted by Arjuna (886 posts) -
#36 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -

Maybe Bourne

#37 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -
"sims 3"
That's coming out on the 360?
#38 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -

Don't think so, just PC... stupid decision on their part.

#39 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -


#40 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -
Sentry said:
"Don't think so, just PC... stupid decision on their part."
So we can say games that we want that are on other consoles?
#41 Posted by kmdrkul (3476 posts) -

Looking to get Pure, Braid, SW:FU maybe Castle Crashers.

#42 Posted by Illmatic (1358 posts) -

Burnout Paradise is up there on my want list but with Gears of War 2, Fable 2, and Fallout 3 coming up along with a sparse wallet, I'm conflicted on whether I should wait for these games or just go for Burnout.

#43 Posted by Sentry (4197 posts) -
LightYagami245 said:
"Sentry said:
"Don't think so, just PC... stupid decision on their part."
So we can say games that we want that are on other consoles?"
Seeing that this is  in the 360 board, that wouldn't make much sense, would it...
#44 Posted by Jordan23 (1000 posts) -
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
#45 Posted by iGaboru (215 posts) -

Already pre-ordered Dead Space and meanwhile Mega Man 9.

#46 Posted by hthops (10 posts) -

Fable 2.

#47 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -

Mirror's Edge

#48 Posted by CoolDrMoney (1978 posts) -

Rock Band 2

#49 Posted by SUPES316UK (37 posts) -

Gears of War 2, Star Wars: Force Unleashed, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009, TNA Impact, LEGO Batman, Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway, Resident Evil 5, Far Cry 2, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Tiger Woods 09, Fallout 3, Call of Duty: World at War.

Unlikely to be able to afford all these titles and indeed there are bound to be a few disappointments amongst them but this is my list anyway!!!

#50 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1734 posts) -

Fallout 3, I think.

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