Ok Guys, which F are you getting?

#1 Posted by Moose (66 posts) -
#2 Posted by Demyx (3240 posts) -

The first and last.

#3 Posted by HazBazz (1924 posts) -

I'm getting N.
None Of The Above

#4 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -
Maybe Fable II.
#5 Posted by HazBazz (1924 posts) -

Actually no, I change my answer, I choose Far Cry

#6 Posted by Cube (4382 posts) -

Maybe Fallout.

#7 Posted by MattyFTM (14635 posts) -

Fable II

#8 Posted by Shawn (3843 posts) -
Demyx said:
"The first and last."
#9 Posted by uberpwner93 (508 posts) -
Demyx said:
"The first and last."
#10 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Hmm... I think I'll have to play them before buying any of them, but Far Cry 2 sure looks good...

#11 Posted by Riddler (1602 posts) -


#12 Posted by Out_On_Bail (1581 posts) -

All 3 if I can

#13 Posted by Demodocus (284 posts) -

Fallout 3

#14 Posted by Karmum (11515 posts) -

I will go by order of which I will get all three, eventually.

  • Far Cry 2
  • Fable 2
  • Fallout 3
#15 Posted by Jayge_ (10270 posts) -

I will be getting all of them, day 1.

#16 Posted by Warfare (1674 posts) -
Demyx said:
"The first and last."
What he said.
#17 Posted by kronik420 (10 posts) -

The only game on that list that I want and will get is Fallout 3. Fallout will be amazing.

#18 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

I will get all of them.  Already preordered all but Fallout 3, but I plan on buying that in at least the first week.

#19 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

First and last one. Cant wait for farcry 2 :D

#20 Posted by pause422 (6275 posts) -

Fallout 3 and Farcry 2 day one, going to rent Fable2 though.

#22 Posted by Pibo47 (3236 posts) -

I am buying the last, getting the 1st for christmas, and renting the 2nd.

#23 Posted by MKHavoc (1303 posts) -

Fable 2.  I might try Far Cry later on though.

#24 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -

Left Four Dead

#25 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -
Vinchenzo said:
"Left Four Dead"

#26 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Fable II

#27 Posted by DoctorTran (1584 posts) -

All three.

#28 Posted by Bartiemus (315 posts) -

Fable II 

Falout 3
#29 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12892 posts) -

First and Last. I'm sorry if I don't want to deal with all the ambitious game mechanics in fable 2, such as getting STDs for being a little too promiscuous, mashing buttons in order to defeat foes, and buying every house because peter molyneux says I can. 

#30 Posted by Bass (706 posts) -

fallout 3. and if i ever find the time after that, fable.

#31 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

My first game will be Far Cry 2...and I will get the others eventually.

#32 Posted by Bear (248 posts) -

Fallout 3

Possibly the other two when they drop to budget price.

#33 Posted by Thunder (401 posts) -

All 3 of them eventually Fallout 3 is a day one for me already got it preordered

#34 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -

All of them.

#35 Posted by Gamer_152 (14299 posts) -

 If I get any of them it'll be Fable 2.

#36 Posted by Subway (982 posts) -

i'll probably ask for Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3 for christmas.

#37 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Fallout 3 and Farcry 2 within theyre first 2 weeks.
Fable 2, early next year.

#38 Posted by mikevanpwn (433 posts) -

Far Cry 2, game looks awesome, have it pre-ordered at Gamestop.

#39 Posted by ManlyBeast (1224 posts) -

getting the all i hope. I make enough to buy them all. Just got to make sure not to spend all my money.

#40 Posted by PureRok (4268 posts) -

Fallout 3 and Fable 2, but Fallout 3 on the PC because that's where it should be.

#41 Posted by MisterSpiffy (908 posts) -

Farcry 2 and Fallout 3 are the only ones that interest me.  Not sure if I'm getting them for PC or 360 yet, though.

#42 Posted by Player1 (4035 posts) -

Fable and Fallout 3

#43 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1789 posts) -

I will definitely buy Fallout 3
I will rent Fable 2. Maybe, I'll buy it if I like it.
And, I'll probably just rent Far Cry.

#44 Posted by Cogito (198 posts) -

All 3, and probably disappearing into my room for at least 3 days to play a bit of all of them.

#45 Posted by TrulyAlive (1104 posts) -

Possibly FallOut.
Probably none of them though...

#46 Posted by CreamyGoodness (1229 posts) -


#47 Posted by CynageN (1206 posts) -
Demyx said:
"The first and last."
#48 Posted by DualReaver (3792 posts) -

Pre-ordering Fable 2 this weekend and I'm probably going to pick up Far Cry 2.
I doubt I'll get or even rent Fallout 3 though.

#49 Posted by Ma7moud (834 posts) -
Jayge said:
"I will be getting all of them, day 1."
#50 Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver (455 posts) -

Fable II and maybe Fallout 3 later on

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