Posting achievements to facebook?

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I've just seen this:
Apparently it will be enabled in a "Tiger Woods PGA TOUR", but I don't know which year.
The same goes for twitter, but having a picture is an additional feature, and since it is automatic it seems a nice thing to me.
When will it be enabled? How can I configure it?
Thank you.

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I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but Giant Bomb already offers Facebook integration that publishes your earned Achievements for Xbox 360, Games for Windows LIVE, World of Warcraft and Steam onto your Facebook and Twitter feeds once a day. To activate it, you just head on over to your Achievements page under your profile and click the buttons at the top saying "Sync to Facebook/Twitter". Admittedly, there's no pictures, but there is a link that takes people straight to your GB Achievements page so they can check out all the data there. 
EDIT: The updates look like this: 

Hope that helps you in some capacity, duder. If it's not the kind of thing you're looking for then I apologise, but it sounds like it'd suit your needs.
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The pictures are a cool feature, specially if it is a screen capture or something like that. It would be nice for example in Fable, considering the character evolves and that kind of stuff.
I've been able to try the feature from giantbomb you mention and it is cool and nice, but the real list of achievements with the date isn't posted to facebook or twitter, but kept on the profile: If there was an rss with that information then I'd be able to dump it into twitter. May that be possible? Maybe this is not the correct board for such a question, if so please tell me and I'll pose the question in the right board, I don't know if moderators can or use to move topics in those situations over here, that would be nice too.
In any case, thank you very much.

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Just a note for people thinking the service here actually works, because i'm sad to say giantbombs achievement posting to facebook is beyond terrible.

1) facebook login button under achievemnts does nothing..

2) people have been complaining for months to get the feature fixed to only fall on deaf ears.

I decided to register here after raptr failed to reach my expectations, and i regret doing it as the service here makes raptr look professional and theirs is bad.

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