problem with games on demand

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Hey, was wondering if anyone else was having this issue:

since updating to the new dash, when i play a downloaded game on demand (i.e. Dante's inferno or Call of duty WAW...these are the two i have been testing this with) it logs me out of xbox live and achievements just will not pop. I played the entire first part of the american campaign in WAW and no achievements...the achievement list does not even show up in my profile.

When i try to log into XBL from the guide button dash while in the game, it tells me that my XBL connection was interrupted, but when i exit the game to test it i am connected and running just fine.

What the hell?

can't find any suggestions through google so i turn to the giant bomb community before going to MS customer support. Anyone have any ideas?

BTW: I am an eight year gold subscriber, if that helps at all.

#2 Posted by aragorn546 (186 posts) -

alright, it is officially being caused by the title updates that are forced when starting up a games on demand game after the new dash is installed. I just tested this with my games on demand copy of oblivion. This is maddening as i would like to play World at War and get my achievements. Good thing i dont want to play any multiplayer, or i would be totally screwed.

#3 Posted by Grilledcheez (4023 posts) -

That's interesting. I don't have anything from games on demand (at least that I remember), so I can't really tell you if there's a solution or not. My guess is that Microsoft is probably aware of it if it's something affecting all their games on there.

#4 Posted by believer258 (13374 posts) -

I have Saints Row 2 on Games on Demand. No problems when I just checked it, it loaded and ran just fine.

I also have FEAR 2 on Games on Demand, and like SR2 before it, it ran just fine. A-OK.

#5 Posted by aragorn546 (186 posts) -

problem solved, cleared cahce and redownloaded profile. When i did that it came to my attention that microsoft had frozen the hotmail account attached to my XBL account. Apparently someone was mass spamming people from it. Fixing that allowed me to clear my cache and re download the porfile which fixed the issue....weird

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