Quake 2 and Quake 3 Arena on XBLA

#1 Posted by REDRUN (1410 posts) -

I have seen a couple users on Xbox Live playing a build of  Quake 2. I was wondering when are they plan on releasing Quake 2 and will they also release the expansion packs and mods as DLC's for purchase.

I am a fan of Quake2 and Quake 3 Arena. In the beginning, this Nintendo / Playstation 1 fanboy was never a fan of FPS game. This was the fact until I played a games of deathmatch at a Quake 2 LAN party a fellow gamer invited me to. My mind was blown away after hours have went had went by in joyful glee of gibs showering the map. That week, I bought myself a copy of Quake 2 and installed it in my 133 MHZ Pentium 2 PC stacked with 16 MB of RAM while pushing about 20 fps on a onboard S3 GPU and play a game of deathmatch online through my AOL 28kps dial-up modem connection.

With Quake 2 possible being released sometime in the future, Quake 3 Arena would be the more exciting release that Quake fan would enjoy. Maybe a Rocket Arena mod and fully customizable button settings and horizontal / vertical speed on menu added to the DLC would make  a perfect package.

#2 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -

quake 2 comes with quake 4...

#3 Posted by daniel_beck_90 (3159 posts) -

I'll check it out

#4 Posted by REDRUN (1410 posts) -

I feel like a tard now.  So those zero point achievements now makes perfect scene..., so what up with Quake 3 Arena =D

#5 Posted by pause422 (6190 posts) -

No idea, but I honestly don't know who would want to play a quake game on a console(QUake 4 not included. We don't consider that one...)

#6 Posted by Dr_shiggityshwa (72 posts) -

Quake 3 Arena coming to Live pops up every now and then as a rumor. Other than that no one know if it will come out.

#7 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -
pause422 said:
"No idea, but I honestly don't know who would want to play a quake game on a console(QUake 4 not included. We don't consider that one...)"
whod want to play quake 4 full stop?
#8 Posted by pause422 (6190 posts) -

Exactly what I meant(I think is what you're saying?) Quake 4 is up there with Unreal Tournament 3 in terms of, Sequels to games I and many others pretend never exist.

#9 Edited by REDRUN (1410 posts) -

I am not going to pretend that UT3 or Q4 does not exist. Being a past PC gamer who made the switch to Xbox 360 still would enjoy to have the bragging rights of having some mad skills, amongst my other friends who also made the switch. Quake 3 Arena with the Rocket Arena Mod would make an excellent XBLA game. Many friends and I had made the transition from PC  to Xbox then Xbox 360 for the fact we can play as a group and even against eachother. I played a ton of games on the PC, and allot of the awesome titles we see today started there and their success is no on the console. So why not add it to the XBLA library.

Yes, there are better games out there. Would I still play a game I enjoyed allot of in the past again? The answer is yes. I want to play me some Rocket Arena.

#10 Posted by Chokobo (1228 posts) -

I would love Q3 Arena on the marketplace.  <3

#11 Posted by 10MP (311 posts) -

quake 3 arena is going to be released as a free browser based game soon so who would want to buy it on a console?

#12 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (4619 posts) -
#13 Posted by GaryBuseyIsGod (2 posts) -

I would love to see the original Quake or Quake 2 on XBLA, but Quake 3 I can live with out.  I thought it was terrible, and I was also a huge fan of the original UT so I brushed it aside with ease.

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The thought of playing Q3 with fucking thumbsticks makes me ill. However, I'm sure there are people out there crazy enough to buy the shit again, and id deserves all they can make off of their masterpiece. Maybe it'll sway them into making good games again...

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I remeber reading an article awhile back about quake 3 appearing on the ESRB site for xbox live then taken off so hopefully we get to play it on live real soon,I played the hell out of it back on the pc and the dreamcast, my favriote quake game by far

#16 Posted by Palantas (109 posts) -

I'd like to play Quake III on Live Arcade.  I've had fun with the other classic shooters released on 360, sort of a blast from the past experience.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's been cancelled.   Link.  (Don't know if this is reliable or not.)

#17 Posted by NateDogg (465 posts) -

IMO, the original Quake was the best of the series.  I can't say I played Quake 2 and 3 very much but.. Im sure most people will tell you that the first was the best and if there were to be a remake, i'd want it based on the original.. with all multiplayer support it had on PC including my favorites... CTF and TF :)

But really, all I want is an Xbox 360 version of counter strike.  I own 1.6 and source on PC but I dont touch that anymore..  Playing on a 32" HD TV is better than a 19" LCD on my PC anyways.. :)  And now that FPS controls work on a console controller..

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