Questions about XBLM and limits on downloaded content

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I got the Gears 3 console bundle and I'm giving my old one to relatives in another country.

With that said, I would like them to be able to experience the downloadable games I have, especially Peggle, 'Splosion Man, and UNO. If I correctly understand the system of DRM Microsoft has in place, I think I would be able to do this.

I moved my old 360's contents to the new one via official transfer cable. Right now, the licenses of my DLC are still on my old 360, and attempts to download content onto my new 360 have been met with "Assigned to other console." I think I can move my profile to a USB drive, then download my desired XBLA games onto my old 360. At that point I would keep the old 360 offline and transfer the license to my new 360.

Would this work? If anyone knows any snags to this plan, or has done something similar and had it work out, please tell me. Thanks!

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Did you figure this out yet?

Got the same question actully.

How to get the arcade games i bought on my xbox360 to my USB 360 harddrive with youre gamertag to a friends 360. So that it gets easier to play co-op games or just to play them whenever you aren´t at home. I guess that my friend need internet on his xbox, but does this unlock the game trail version. I mean i bought the damn games and i want to play them whereever.

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