Random disconnects from multiplayer games. HELP.

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So, in around the middle of December I started getting disconnected mid-game while playing multiplayer. Only from the current game and Xbox Live party chat, never Xbox Live. It happened in all games. No iDevices or computers had this problem. Everything had been working like a dream until then. I was on a D-Link DIR-600 router. I talked to my ISP. They said it was the router. It did not believe them. I started replacing the cables, tried a million different settings on the router (in case it was an MTU problem or a port-forwarding problem) ran pinglogs, scoured the web for the same problem. Nothing.

So I bought an Airport Express. Now all my networking problems would forever be gone. Hallelujah. Right. It made things worse. Not only was the wireless range shit, it dropped internet completely and seemingly at random. Every time it lost internet I had to hard reset the Airport. So I took it back to the local Apple Store. They ran som tests and said, and I quote (translated from swedish) "This one is dead on arrival. Change it at the store you bought it in." So I did. Came home, set it up. Same problem. I don't know to this day what the problem is, but I'm guessing that my ISPs Cisco modem (circa 1997) isn't updated to handle it.

About this time, I spoke to my neighbour. He had the same problem. We tried to "compare notes", and he told me he got disconnected while playing League Of Legends (on his PC of course). He had a Belkin. So he went and bought a D-Link DIR-615. It started working. So of course, I buy one too. It worked. I game heavily for two weeks, deeply satisfied with my new D-Link experience.

Tonight, it did the same thing. I immediately turned of my Xbox and raged quite heavily.

So, has anyone experienced this specific and quite weird problem? It feels like I am shit out of luck. Either my Xbox is broken, or my ISP are lying to me (which seems quite possible). Or, possibly, it's a D-Link related problem. Or, possibly, I will never fucking find out. Maybe I just have to buy a new router every other week. I would not post this if I hadn't exhausted all fucking possibilites on my end. Grateful for any (and I do mean ANY) help.


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Are you playing on wi-fi?

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Sounds like a really irritating situation. You should try doing other internet stuff on other devices (multiplayer on PC or other stuff) and see if your connection drops from time to time. That would help figure out if its your internet or Xbox thats causing the problem.

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Holy shit, I haven't seen the answers.

@thephantomnaut: No wifi, always been on ethernet.

@briareosph: I have not tried that since the problem started (since I only use macs from 2011 as the latest, and hence nothing interesting to play), but I have had no trouble streaming anything. Of course that preloads a bit, so a short drop wouldn't be noticable. I guess I should try this. Now to find an interesting game...

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