Rotate Xbox360 Video Output

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Hey my screen set up is 3 1920x1200 monitors in portrate mode 3600x1920 effective and i would like to play Forza4 across all 3 screens Via 3 xboxs. To do this i would need to rotate the 1280x720 forza 4 across the 1200x1920 so i would loose only 80 Verticle pixels. How can i achive this? .. hmm.. is there any hidden code in the xbox that lets you rotate the signal?

Curently I've only tested doing this with VGA cable xbox signals to no luck. .. I'm using Dell 24inch displays from 2007-2008 if that helps.

i hope this is possible i can't wait to play forza at 3600x720 :D

also please don't just say rotate the physical displays i have the displays set up this way for playing Action games and MMos.. and the racing is more for relaxation .. thanks

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I'm pretty sure that's not really possible...

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Yeah that's.. not really possible I think. Unless you're rocking some really awesome modding shit, which even then is probably impossible.

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well i know its possible if i get 3 Lag free capture cards and flip the image with software on a pc.. but i was looking for a cheaper way.. like says VGA box that lets u flip 90... etc... i don't mind using VGA as one of the xboxs is vga only launch and I'm not going to run them at any thing higher than 720p and imo the hdmi only really shows off the AA above that.. but yer.. hmmmmm maybe wrong forum to ask ? but if any one has a idea that would be sweet.

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hmm i think I'm going to get a display splitter that makes a virtual 3200x1920 display. eyefinity n stuff seems like a hassle .. any suggestions would be great

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