Should i Get an Xbox 360?

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I recently got a job!

Now that i'll actually have some money to spend (already made $300)

and it's summer,

and i don't have an Xbox.

I'm wondering if i should buy an Xbox 360, considering that I've looked at all the Xbox 360 exclusive and only a few games have caught my eyes (basically not enough to buy one yet)

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

Halo Reach

Gears of War (2 and 3)

Fable 2

Crackdown 2

Please suggest some games i may have missed

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You can buy SMB on Steam so it isn't exclusive. Crackdown 2 also isn't that good. I'd say go for it if you really want to.

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You should watch My Little Pony.

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@Phatmac: good point. I'll take it off.

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Yes get one and then purchase Dark Souls.

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@GenocidalKitten: PS3 and Wii and a bunch of older ones.

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I bought one about a year ago, never use it, a good PC & PS3 cover 99% of the games I want to play.

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There are a ton for 360 exclusives especially if the PC isn't an option

Amped 3

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts\

Dead Rising

The Fable series (not a guaranteed slam dunk but you may love them)


Hulk Hogans Main Event


Viva Pinata

There are also a ton XBLA games that are awesome but good luck finding them now that the dashboard is a fucking mess.

Most of them are a few years old now but if you've never played them they hold up just fine.

Also I may have included one terrible game in my list to see if anyone was paying attention.

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well i bought one mainly to play with friends so i guess if you have friends that have 360's i say go for it.

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Shadow Complex is a great Metroidvania game. Iron Brigade is a lot of fun as well. Oh, and Trials Evolution. Gotta play that.

Basically a good amount of XBLA titles. Unfortunately, it's impossible to pick up cheap 2nd hand copies of those. Full disc games? Um... Fable 2 isn't amazing. It starts out well, but by the end there is a lot of repetition and you're pretty much a god. But you can also get it for $5, so you might as well pick up a copy and form your own opinion.

Do you not have a PC that can play modern games? Because if you don't, this list is going to grow massively.

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@Paul_Is_Drunk: i don't have a PC that can play games, no.

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@TeamJersey said:

Yes get one and then purchase Dark Souls.

Or save up for a PC that will last a long time, and then buy Dark Souls.

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@MonkeyMitcho: Congrats on the new job, btw.

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My initial reaction is wait for next gen but a year and a half is a pretty long time. So, if you're really wanting 360 games right now and have the money, go for it. Get Crackdown instead of Crackdown 2, and try out Shadow Complex, Nuts and Bolts, Hydro Thunder, Forza 3, PGR 4 , Geometry Wars 2 and the ones you already said.

Tony Hawk isn't exclusive.

@MonkeyMitcho said:

@Paul_Is_Drunk: i don't have a PC that can play games, no.

Oh, that adds a ton of stuff then. Get Gears 1, Mass Effect, Alan Wake, Viva Pinata, Insanely Twisted and Ms Splosion Man.

Though I think Trouble in Paradise is just a better version of Viva Pinata except 360 exclusive, I'm just adding games I played that are awesome. SImilarly, Forza 4 seems like a much better Forza 3.

@GenocidalKitten: I agree that Gears multi is pretty hard to get into but it's great. Reach multiplayer on the other hand is easily accessible , you don't really have to be that good, maybe in the MLG playlist or something.

Plus, these games have Horde modes which are awesome so someone buying Gears 3 would still get their moneys-worth without ever touching mutiplayer.

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I rarely use mine, so honestly they're kind of a bad investment unless you really love console gaming.

#18 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2128 posts) -

@MonkeyMitcho said:

@Paul_Is_Drunk: i don't have a PC that can play games, no.

Alright, then you should check out the original Mass Effect. Then there is Orcs Must Die! It's quicker paced than Dungeon Defenders, but that's what I like about it. Bastion is an amazing game, and you can see the behind-the-scenes making of here on the site. Fez is... a very interesting game. You may not like it, but it's there. I guess you can try out Minecraft, but almost any PC should be able to run it decently. Might as well get Super Meat Boy as well. I'd recommend it on Steam, because there is a small chance XBLA games won't port to the next console, but if you have no choice...

Oh, damn. Almost forgot. The Witcher 2. Though that may be hard to find at a discount. Then, of course, the Gears, Halos, Forza, and other games already mentioned if you're into those games.

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I got a 360 for cheap after my PS3 died about a year ago. This is just my experience and I don't know if it applies to your situation, but here it is:

I'm not into the Halo series and Halo 3's story was impossible to get into for anyone who hasn't played the second game; I don't know if I've ever felt so indifferent toward a singleplayer campaign. The Halo Reach demo did seem much more interesting, to be fair.

I was extremely let down by Gears Of War. As a huge fan of Epic since the first Unreal I thought it would be my favorite series ever but I found it's storytelling pretty much on par with Quake 2 (insanely nonexistant for such a technically advanced thing) and its gameplay nothing new, since the multiplatform games that copied it did it just as well. I really wasn't missing anything. I've played through half of the second one and it hasn't done much to change my opinion on the series.

I was very excited to try the original games to some series that only had their sequels make it to PS3. But I found Call Of Juarez 1's clunky control, stealth/platforming sections, constant load times, and inferior storytelling to be such huge steps down from the sequel that it's taken me forever to slog through it. And I had pretty much the same experience with Condemned 1, but it does exceed it's predecessor in the atmospheric horror department.

As an FPS fanatic, Prey and Quake 4 were two of my most anticipated titles and while neither was perfect, I ended up liking them both pretty well.

On the download side of things, Quake Arena Arcade is a dream-title for me, unfortunately the online community is totally dead. Perfect Dark HD is a very cool N64 remake and more of those are desperately needed.

I know I haven't tried everything the 360 has to offer but I've tried most of the stuff that interests me and it's been pretty disappointing. I'm still grateful for the 360 since my PS3 died and it's all I've got at the moment, and I've been able to buy most of my favorite multiplatform games for it cheap; but in hindsight, the exclusives don't make it worth it for me personally. Oh yeah, also paying extra to play online and use netflix sucks.

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@ez123: Yeah i think i'll wait until next generation and see what happens.

Most good games are multiplatform anyways.

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@MonkeyMitcho said:

@ez123: Yeah i think i'll wait until next generation and see what happens.

Most good games are multiplatform anyways.

I think there is enough games to justify it(especially for someone who bought a Wii) but it's slightly too late. Plus I completely forgot about the Wii U coming out this year and if you bought a Wii, you'll probably be interested in that.

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@MonkeyMitcho: Fable 2 is excellent, well worth playing. I really enjoyed Alan Wake too. Also, as suggested, Viva Pinata:Trouble in Paradise. And instead of Crackdown 2, pick up the original Crackdown. It holds up well. Finally, try Minecraft on XBLA. Everyone seems to love that "Game", so at least try it out.

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