SmartGlass feature with Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge

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Wrote up a bit about it on my blog..

Pillar of Awesome

but basically the game automatically searches for walkthrough videos on youtube for you whenever you get stuck..

Also keeps track of all the stats needed for achievements and collectibles.

Finally something useful?

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Pretty cool. I hope more games start to utilize smart glass, it's a really neat thing to have.

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Okay, that actually does sound kind of cool.

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@rockman10: So wait... you pulled that youtube video up at the end of the first level does the 360 have some sort of YouTube upload feature or something?

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This is a pretty cool use of smartglass, have not really used it on anything besides Halo 4 to check stats and ranks.

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The 360 doesn't have a youtube upload feature, what the app does is it takes information from the game to find where the player is, and then builds a keyword search to find videos that are related to your location.

Even though, some titles I guess do have a Youtube upload..


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