Swapping Hard Drives

#1 Posted by Asmo917 (488 posts) -

I'm having a hard time finding a clear, definitive answer on this, so thanks in advance.

I think my 360 S is dying - it locks up every few weeks, which is an improvement since I've started installing every disc-based game I want to play and clearing space on my HD. I currently have around 63 free GBs on a 250 GB drive.

I"m worried it's not going to last much longer despite taking these steps - can I buy a 360 S wit the 4Gb of storage and simply pop my old HD out of the dying system and into the new one?

Thanks again.

#2 Posted by Vandical (17 posts) -

Yep, it's got a door on the top of the 360 (when standing up) that you can pull the HDD out. I originally bought a 4gb Slim and a separate 250 GB HDD and just swapped it out.

#3 Posted by liquidfox00 (32 posts) -

I did the exact same as vandical except with the 320 drive. It's fool proof.

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