Third Xbox died, what should I do in the meantime?

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It seems like my Xbox has trouble surviving the summer. It's understandable why too. I live on the second story of a house in Southern California where summers always manage to hit the triple digits. Basically we make L.A weather look nice and cold most of the time. 
The first time a had a 360 die on me, the last thing I did was help Vinny get the dolls achievement in Fable II. I got off, turned it on an hour later, and it red ringed right away. I didn't mind. I was in school so I was busy, and I even got a Giantbomb shirt out of it! (much appreciated by the way). 
The next year I was playing Fallout 3. Before it red ringed I got a lot of black screens after loading and freezes, but I attributed that to the jank of Bethesda games (which is part of why I love them, yeah I'm crazy) Then I got the red ring. Again, I didn't mind too much since I was in school. 
Now, I'm waiting until the spring to go to Berkeley, and there are no jobs to be had out here for someone with no work experience, so I don't have much to do. I'm pretty bummed out about it considering that Halo Reach is out, Dead Rising 2 and Borderlands DLC just hit, and New Vegas is out in a while. 
So Giant Bomb, tell me what I should do in the meantime! Extra points for pictures! Bonus points for actual good ideas.

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Write a novel perhaps?
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I've got three suggestions:
1: Watch the Persona 4 Endurance Run
2: Watch the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run VJ
3: Watch the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run BR

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Dude every time anyone asks the community what they should preoccupy themselves with they always get what your first reply could you not see it coming?
As for the topic: Maybe start DJ-ing?

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@SlashseveN303 said:
"Extra points for pictures! Bonus points for actual good ideas. "
I'd like to say that you can make the argument that passing time by doing as suggested is a good idea.  To not count it as a good idea (and an actual idea) would be disingenuous to the request.
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@mfpantst: That's already on my schedule :P 
@Marcsman: I was thinking about working on my fanfic where Batman gets sent into the near future, and has to become a Spartan. 
@Grissefar: I've done it before, but maybe now is the time to rewatch since video is in HD 
@blacklabeldomm: I don't think I've ever actually viewed on of these threads before. Also I'm trying to learn guitar... that's kinda like being a DJ right? I can do a mean Guile's Theme.
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buy fall out 3 for the pc and say good bye to your spare time ? 

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corner.  fetal position.  cry.

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I cannot believe people still buy these things. How do you justify purchasing a product with a failure rate above 40%? Microsoft should be forced to give refunds on every defective unit and made to cease production until they can build a device that doesn't break from the mere use of it. If Sony and Nintendo can be successful in this regard for the past decade+, they can be as well.

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@danpat177: I already went through all of Fallout 3 on the 360. I literally don't think there's even a single item left for me to get. I can't do that to myself again. Besides I don't want my laptop dying from overheating as well.
@elko84: I'll take that into consideration a week into this. 
@shadyspace: Everything over here seems to break from overuse in the heat. Even my best friend's PS3 had the blu-ray lens crap out on him from overexposure to heat. He tried to fix it himself, but every time he fixed what was wrong with it he broke something else in the process. He ended up buying a new Slim model instead of spending more money to fix it, and is back to being the happiest guy in the world. My Gamecube also had the lens die on me from the heat, and I always felt like that thing was built like a rock. Still, three dead consoles is pretty damn astonishing. The plus side to all of this though is that repairs have never cost me anything except time.
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@SlashseveN303: You must live in Hell itself to have a Gamecube die on you.
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Each time I see one of these "what to do" threads it is physically impossible for me not to give the answer MASTERBATE. 

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Buy a PS3/GT5 bundle and then masturbate after playing GT5.

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@Djeffers03: perfectly understandable 
@KaosAngel: I wish I had PS3 money :( 
@Jasta: Too hot to party :( Unless there was a pool party... but there isn't.
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Get a Wii.
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@SlashseveN303:  Oh- in which case my comment was superfluous.
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Buy a PlayStation 3

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Civ 5. The time will fly by.

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