Turn Based RPGs

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I'm a slightly older gamer whose heydey was in the 8 and 16 bit era. Or I should say, back when we talked about bits. In those days, the turn based RPG was probably my favorite genre. Though all you needed to say was RPG and people knew what you meant.

It seems that the end has come for my favorite kind of game. Which is a shame, because for years my wife and I enjoyed grinding through nonsense JRPGs together on the couch after work. Not so sound even grouchier than I am, but any ideas why such games aren't made anymore?

Skyrim sounds great, but do all RPGs have to be action games with character building? Even turn based stuff like the Penny Arcade games ask just enough of the player that my wife checks out. Anyway, just curious what the thinking was. And also if you guys knew if I was missing any (yes, we've finished Dragon Quest VIII and even Enchanted Arms).

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Such games are still being made, but you'll find most of them on the PSP and DS.

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try the XBL Arcade, titles like Puzzle Quest.

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Breath of Death VII and Call of Cthulhu are both great 16 bit turn based RPGS. Pretty sure they are in the indie section of xbl.

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Such games are still being made, but you'll find most of them on the PSP and DS.
Yup, there are a ton of turn based rpg's on the DS.
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Publishers believe the console market doesn't want turn-based RPGs anymore. That's why. Is it true? Well, you could make an argument in that direction pretty easily, but I don't want to right now. As for games you missed, maybe check out the Mistwalker games? It doesn't get much more turn-based than Lost Odyssey.

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The only "big" game I can think of is Lost Odyssey, that was a great game that I really enjoyed. Apart from that if it has to be Xbox 360 (or really any current console) your looking at downloadable games with a couple on XBL and quite a few ones of XBL indie games. The ones on indie games tend to be a little shorter than most older RPGs, as far as ive seen, but they tend to be rather fun and cheap enough to negate the length.

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Tales of Vesperia

Lost Odyssey

Blue Dragon

Eternal Sonata

I you want straight up traditional turn-based the middle two are your only options on the 360.....if you're willing to accept a little bit of action mixed with traditional RPG elements you will have quite a few more options to choose from.

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@Unknown_Pleasures: Tales of Vesperia isn't turn based.
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@Unknown_Pleasures: And Eternal Sonata is a bit of a stretch.

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@FancySoapsMan: Yeah I figured it wasn't but I just thought I'd throw it out there anyways, its a JRPG and there aren't many of those on the 360.

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I want more JRPGs too. I miss them being as prominent as they once were. Sure they are fine on DS or PSP but I want them on the big consoles for better graphics and the ability to play them on a big screen

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@yoshimitz707 said:

Such games are still being made, but you'll find most of them on the PSP and DS.
Yup, there are a ton of turn based rpg's on the DS.

There are even more great turn based rpg's on the PSP.

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Japan has turned a lot of attention to the PSP. So there are tons of such games there. As for consoles, its the PS3. The Atelier games have started to come out regularly.

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If you specifically want 360 games, I really enjoyed Lost Odyssey. The only turn based JRPGs I've actually finished are that, Pokemon Blue, and Chrono Trigger.

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If you don't mind strategy mixed in then I would recommend any of the Disgaea games. Or pretty much anything NIS publishes. Sure they are more complicated but they don't have any sort of speed commitment.

Oh and the majority of the SMT games on PS2 are turn based (like Persona 4 or Nocturne).

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Can't recommend Lost Odyssey enough!

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Thanks, guys. I'll check some of these out! XBLA is especially appealing. There is something to be said for sitting on the couch with a big TV.

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