Turn off Kinect voice commands for Hulu Plus app?

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Sometimes when watching movies or TV shows on Hulu Plus, Netflix, and other video apps, a character will say something that the Kinect's microphone picks up and interprets as a voice command. The most annoying is when it thinks that someone told it to pause. This happens more frequently than you'd think.

Anyway, I have the system-wide voice commands turned off for Kinect, but apparently the individual apps do not respect this setting and continue to use voice commands. I've looked through settings and I don't see any explicit options to turn it off.

Does anyone know how I can remedy this issue besides unplugging my Kinect sensor? We use it for games almost every day so this would be a huge annoyance.

#2 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

Sadly no there is no way that I know of to turn it off my friend has kinect and ended up having to disconnect it whenever he watched hulu or netflix because the thing would pick up voices that didn't even remotely say any command and then do that command.

#3 Posted by joshrholloway (81 posts) -

@Narwhalist: Yep, it's very consistent, to the point that every time we reach the exact same line in certain shows it will cause the same commands to occur. This is particularly frustrating because we basically just have to fast-forward past the offending part or it gets stuck in a loop.

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That's very cool actually.

I would just unplug it myself.

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