Two 360s, One profile

#1 Posted by UltraBoi (23 posts) -

Hey GB community, I recently bought a Gears of War limited edition slim 360. My problem is that I now have 2 slims but one account that I want to use on both machines. My question is whether there is a way to use the same account without recovering my gamertag every time each time and without keep swapping USB sticks. I was thinking of using a USB cable with a female that slpits into two males but unortunately I can't find one or I'm searching for the wrong term. I've also found some KVM switches but they seem to used for sharing printers or keyboards/mice and are manual switch. I know this aint a common problem for most people but if anyone knows a way I'd appreciate it.

#2 Posted by WickedFather (1733 posts) -

Memory stick is the only way... until cloud storage comes out in a few days, but that'll just speed up the recover profile time and you have to be online with both. Still say usb stick is easier.

#3 Posted by UltraBoi (23 posts) -

Yeah I think using the memory stick is the only way, but I cant seem to find a cable or device that will allow me to share one usb with multiple devices, like a reverse usb hub. I wonder what the GB crew use to share their profiles across the network.

#4 Posted by Sogeman (880 posts) -

They don't, they use a stick or just recover the profile when they forget the stick.

#5 Posted by eXists (137 posts) -

It's a pain in the you know what, have to move the memory stick up and down all the time... finally on Tuesday we should get the Cloud profile, took them a while...

#6 Posted by skrutop (3615 posts) -

@UltraBoi: The new system update resolves that problem. I have two 360's and always found it to be a pain when switching. Now profiles can live on both systems, and you can save games to the cloud, making it a lot easier to switch between the two. After using that feature playing Skyrim today, it worked great!

#7 Posted by UltraBoi (23 posts) -

@skrutop: Yeah just tried it and it works flawlessly, downloaded my profile on the other slim and logged in without any issues, will try on my 360 elite to see how it works but I'm sure it'll be fine. No more getting up and changing discs!!

#8 Posted by JoeyIA (664 posts) -

@UltraBoi: You have 2 S' and an Elite hooked up to 1 tv?

#9 Posted by Vao (331 posts) -

"downloaded" my account on a friends slim today and everything worked, it'll ask if you want to password protect but after seems like once its done you can log in to either xboxs without redownloading.

#10 Posted by UltraBoi (23 posts) -

@JoeyIA: 2 Slims, 1 Elite, 2 PS3 slims, 1 Wii and my PC. My problem now is that I've run out of HDMI and Ethernet ports, could use wireless but we all known how well they work when playing online.

@Vao: Yeah I noticed that too, kinda spooky that it doesn't do any re-downloading especially to sync achievs and stuff but it's all there, tis awesome.

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