Two Week Gamerscore Challenge for Valentine's Day

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So, for Valentine's Day I'm doing a two-week gamerscore challenge for Shacknews latestchatty users.

Since the turnout hasn't been so grand there, and there is a connection between Whiskey Media and Shacknews (via Will Smith and Brad Shoemaker) I thought I would invite you guys to participate as well.

A couple of requirements, you need to have Xbox Live Gold (a 360voice requirement, not mine), as well as a 360voice account. You can sign up for the challenge at the link below.

I'll throw a sweet $14 Amazon Gift Card to the highest scoring individual on Valentine's Day. This is not for the winner of the whole challenge, for the person who scores the most on February 14th, 2012 only.

I'll also throw in a random $5 Amazon Gift card to a random participant for every multiple of 10 people who participate (e.g. 12 people participate, 1 random gift card; 22 people participate, 2 random gift cards). I'll launch this Sunday night, so the scoring period will be from February 6th until the 19th.

As always, Avatar and Fallout 3 (PC) are not explicitly banned, but will not net you any prizes if you drop them.

#2 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

Reminder for any of you who joined this challenge, today is the day to drop points as the high-scorer from today will get the $14 Amazon Gift card!

#3 Posted by big_jon (6151 posts) -

I got 0 gamer score today, I am pro.

#4 Posted by Grimluck343 (1176 posts) -

I have to ask, why $14? Good luck with the competition.

#5 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

@Grimluck343: Valentine's Day is the 14th, hence $14...

#6 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

Gamerscore Challenge Valentine's Day Gift Card Winner

Well, only myself and one other person dropped points yesterday on Valentine's Day, so ll BaZ ll will be getting the $14 gift card.

Code will be sent via XBL message.

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