Unable to log onto account. Need help!

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So on Christmas day my Xbox died (not a red ring, it just simply would not turn on) and because it was more convenient to just get another console for $110, we did that. I attached my hard drive to the console but we have to enter the email and password for a profile in order to log it in. I was able to get in fine because I obviously know my email and password.

However, the problem is with my dad's account with which he often plays online. When I first created his online account so I could download some things that I couldn't on my profile, i didn't create an email and password that I would remember because my dad always played online on my account which I was totally fine with and I assumed that would continue. However, my dad started using the new account to play online, and now we have to enter the BS email and password I created long ago to get onto it and I obviously don't remember them. I can't reset the password at all because I have absolutely no clue what the email was.

I was wondering if there's any way at all to work around this. My dad does not want to create another account because he had recently purchased a Gold subscription for himself.

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