USB flash drive with all my save games crashed - question

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Well I had my profile and all my saves on a 16gb flash drive so I could go between my bedroom and living room xbox with ease. I must have pulled the thing out while it was still reading or something because now my usb drive seems to have no power, therefore I cannot access it.

Now, I have the means and the will to pay (way too much) for a recovery service because honestly my time is worth something but I have a question first... Is the xbox data on a hard-drive even viewable/usable on a computer? The service claims to be able to extract the files and let me download it. I just want to know if I did that would the data even be usable? Would I be able to put it on another hardrive and load it up on my xbox again?

Also I'm an American living abroad so I also have to ship my flashdrive off.

Thank you

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That sucks. I used a thing called USB Image Tool during my time with Dark Souls (in case I accidentally attack an NPC again) to back up my flash drive. I opted to use a 1gb stick since all my saves will fit onto it with room to spare and it's quicker to backup to my PC.
Does your computer not even see it when you plug it in? If it does, make a backup image of the drive and copy it to another one. It has to be another 16gb drive or larger.

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It doesn't see it, I think something is wrong with the power of the USB stick, and yes Dark Souls is on there... lordy lord.

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