Want a 250gb 360 for 250 bucks? (article).Better Deal than 360S ?

#1 Posted by Raven_Sword (3444 posts) -

Well, looks like Newegg.com has the FF 13 360 bundle for only 250 bucks. Thats right, you get a jasper elite in white, 2 controllers, a headset, a 250gb HDD and a copy of FF 13 for only 250 bucks. Honestly, if you dont care about Wifi, this is a hell of a deal and maybe even a better one then the new 300 dollar 360S. However, the new redesign 360 still might be a bit more failure proof then the jaspers, however I think the jasper would be quite fine. plus I believe these still have thr full 3 year warranty. Plus, if you want your console in white with a 250 gb HDD, this is like your only choice short of buying a Arcade unit and buyinga  seperate 250gb HDD. What do you think? Is this a better deal then the new redesign 360?
#2 Posted by nypis (9 posts) -

Define better. Better as in more content  yes, but I wouldn't buy a 360 today that wasn't the slim-version, no matter the price. But hey. that might just be me. 

#3 Edited by Burns098356GX (1366 posts) -

I'd never buy a console with a picture on it. Especially not FF13.
I'd go with the S for 50$ more.

#4 Posted by one_2nd (2359 posts) -

I hate FF, so no. This is a great deal for someone actually interested in the game though. 

#5 Posted by AndrewB (7592 posts) -

I'd avoid any model based on that motherboard design, even if it's the newest revision, lower die size, "fail proof" type (because I've still heard of them failing).
There's a reason Microsoft hired a new board designer for the slim model.

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