What's In Your 360?

#1 Edited by jNerd (2008 posts) -

Final Fantasy Disc-2

#2 Posted by Butters (129 posts) -

NHL 09

#3 Posted by Claude (16257 posts) -

College Hoops 2K8 and just bought Assassin's Creed.

#4 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -

Dead Rising.

#5 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

Fable 2

#6 Posted by jNerd (2008 posts) -
Roger_Klotz said:

Pure...and I got it for $10. Best ten bucks that I ever spent.

I got Hellboy: TSoE for $10 too!!! *high-5*
#7 Posted by VitaminWaterYum (381 posts) -

Street Fighter IV

#8 Posted by Brundage (392 posts) -

Halo 3, been there for almost two years now. . . .

#9 Posted by Emandudeguyperson (2501 posts) -

Silent Hill: Homecoming.

#10 Posted by Captain_Fookup (1519 posts) -

I has VIN DIESEL WHEELMAN in my tray right meow, taking it back tomorrow for Wolverine.

Currently playing Banjo-Tooie on the XBLA, I've forgotten almost everything about this game.
#11 Posted by Crono (2704 posts) -

Broken hardware.

#12 Posted by Diamond (8634 posts) -

I've been taking disks out of systems when I turn them off for so many years now, not doing so would feel weird.

#13 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

Lays potato chips.

#14 Posted by jNerd (2008 posts) -

Fallout 3

#15 Posted by Jolly_Lolly (3537 posts) -

Street Fighter BAY-BEE!

#16 Posted by cdfishman (259 posts) -

Resident Evil 5 infinite magnum ammo, zombie massacre 2: the sequel.

#17 Posted by REDRUN (1410 posts) -

Street Fighter 4 and a flashdrive full of... "stratagy guide" videos.

#18 Posted by JJWeatherman (14585 posts) -

NBA 2K9... except now that the Blazers just lost I don't feel like playing basketball games anymore. lol. Nah i'll play it more, just to prove how good the Blazers are online.

#19 Posted by Ineedaname (4319 posts) -

Skate 2 or band of brothers although BoB might be in the PS3. So I'll say Skate 2.

#20 Posted by Ossi (1231 posts) -

I usually have SF4 in there, but I can't keep the disc in when I turn off the system. I then have to open and close the drive before launching otherwise I get a disc read error 10min into the game. It's also sort of funny since if I do leave SF4 in and go into training mode and open up the moves list for one of the characters it disc read errors, I can replicate this every time. So I don't have anything in my 360 :P

#21 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -
REDRUN said:
"Street Fighter 4 and a flashdrive full of... "stratagy guide" videos. "
Every time you fap to porn Jesus cries.
#22 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

Disney's Sing it 0_o

#23 Posted by oldschool (7264 posts) -

Crappy hardware :-)

Eternal Sonata - love that game.

Just bought Lost Odyssey, and that looks sweet.
#24 Posted by guiseppe (2844 posts) -

Tomb Raider: Underworld.

#25 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

Rock Band 2-- I haven't been playing too many disc 360 games lately.

#26 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -
Brundage said:
"Halo 3, been there for almost two years now. . . ."

#27 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

Skate 2...I just can't stop playing it.

#28 Posted by MiasmaFett (129 posts) -


#29 Posted by Alexander (1726 posts) -

J Allard

#30 Posted by Illmatic (1358 posts) -

As of now, nothing. Finals week has a way of doing that. If all goes well, should be Star Ocean.

#31 Posted by Grilledcheez (3982 posts) -

Oblivion GOTY edition

#32 Posted by PureRok (4236 posts) -

Lost Odyssey.

#33 Posted by Carlos1408 (1559 posts) -

My penis

#34 Posted by Protoroll (346 posts) -
Carlos1408 said:
"My penis"

You beat me to it. But really Forza 2 is in there.
#35 Posted by oldschool (7264 posts) -
Carlos1408 said:
"My penis"
If you continue that, both your penis and your 360 will get the red ring of death.  You don't want that do you?  :-)
#36 Posted by Crono (2704 posts) -
Carlos1408 said:
"My penis"
I'm not sure you're doing it right...
#37 Posted by Zeushbien (37 posts) -


#38 Posted by ranger5000 (14 posts) -

Red Alert 3

#39 Posted by oldschool (7264 posts) -
ranger5000 said:
"Red Alert 3"
Is that another name for the 3 Red Rings of Death?  Just curious :P
#40 Posted by ValkyrieGoddess (1922 posts) -

Command and Conquer 3

#41 Posted by INFINITE_CASH (194 posts) -

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

#42 Posted by oldschool (7264 posts) -
ValkyrieGoddess said:
"Command and Conquer 3"
You playing it or making a serious response to my attempted joke :P
#43 Posted by LackLuster (769 posts) -

Microsoft's Dick

#44 Posted by grainger (330 posts) -

a hamster that chews up all of the discs put into it because the 360's engineering has been done by and 80 year old man with dymentia

#45 Posted by TooWalrus (13271 posts) -

Halo Wars

#46 Edited by Jeust (10973 posts) -

I have Star Wars: The Force Unleashed... I love that game :p

#47 Posted by TobyD81 (1235 posts) -

Burnout Paradise

#48 Posted by sarahsdad (1137 posts) -

Dead Space

#49 Posted by oldschool (7264 posts) -
sarahsdad said:
"Dead Space"
So you got RRoD huh?

Oh man, 360 jokes are too easy :P
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