What's you Gamer Motto?

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#1 Edited by Merforga (262 posts) -

I was just wondering what everyone's gamer motto, personal message, insert whatever you call it here, is.  For those who don't know, this is the little message that is below your Gamertag that has a max of 21 characters.  Mine is 1 + 1 x 0 = 1, not 0.  Requires a basic knowledge of math's order of operations (multiplication before addition).  Nerdy, yes, but the joke works every time =D

#2 Posted by Dolphin_Butter (1917 posts) -

Games = Good

#3 Posted by Vaxadrin (2297 posts) -

Mine is "Casual Gamer".

#4 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

I don't have a motto.

#5 Edited by pause422 (6239 posts) -

wtf is a gamer motto? like the people that constantly say everyone else is a noob? or they claim they're incredibly skilled and talk shit? thats all that comes to mind here, shit that 12 year olds say.

#6 Posted by Roger_Klotz (795 posts) -

It's just a shot away

#7 Posted by Jensonb (1769 posts) -

"Perception is Fact"

#8 Posted by Kevin (369 posts) -

"Live to win!"

#9 Posted by toxicEnchiliada (330 posts) -


#10 Posted by Subway (971 posts) -

Drop the banana bomb!

#11 Posted by Clean (2359 posts) -

Yes We Can

#12 Posted by Vinchenzo (6192 posts) -

Motto: Hello, Hobbes!

Bio: You getting laid is the equivalent to me getting gamerscore. Both require work. Toiling days, weeks and even months. So the next time you get laid, remember, I just got another 1,000 gamerscore.

#13 Edited by Bennyishere (1685 posts) -

Motto: Make me a sandwich

Bio: Cutting your own head off with a chainsaw can be quite dangerous, unless certain precautions are taken. I shall first demonstrate the unsafe method, then show you how to do it safely.  The Unsafe Method: Start the chainsaw, then apply it to your neck, like thi

#14 Edited by Discorsi (1390 posts) -

If i could use profanity it would be "I'm what they call techno saavy; I fucks with the future"

(from Boondocks ;o)

#15 Posted by L (1680 posts) -
Piece of cake.

Not very good but can't wait for Duke Nukem 3D.
#16 Posted by solidphoenix (286 posts) -

Gl Hf, and never say GG

#17 Posted by Ma7moud (805 posts) -

Why so serious ?

#18 Posted by Manks (836 posts) -

Why so serious?  I'm planning on changing it soon, because it's beginning to feel outdated.  

#19 Posted by zityz (2360 posts) -


#20 Posted by BothBarsOn (100 posts) -

"Always have a motto"

#21 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

Mine is usually a variation of "RIP..."

Like to respect the dead.  Right now it is Isaac Hayes.  Previously, it has been Bernie Mac, Tim Russert, Heath Ledger, George Carlin, etc.
#22 Posted by Rowr (5824 posts) -


#23 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

"Gaming for the Masses."

#24 Posted by ajarbuckle (173 posts) -

kicin ass and takin names.

#25 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -


#26 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -
ajarbuckle said:
"kicin ass and takin names."

That was mine at one point too.
#27 Posted by nathanthomson11 (33 posts) -

getcha popcorn ready

#28 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -

I should make mine, "You're going to need some lube and a tow truck to pull my boot out of your ass."

#29 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -
BiggerBomb said:
"I should make mine, "You're going to need some lube and a tow truck to pull my boot out of your ass.""
Too many characters. :P
#30 Posted by Gamer_152 (14109 posts) -

"The Cake Is A Lie"

#31 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -
SpikeSpiegel said:
"BiggerBomb said:
"I should make mine, "You're going to need some lube and a tow truck to pull my boot out of your ass.""
Too many characters. :P"


That blows. I'll make it, "Get your ass off my boot." Would that fit?
#32 Posted by Demilich (2598 posts) -

Challenge yourself. Don't be a pussy.

#33 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

"don't suck" is mine

#34 Posted by whackmypinata (941 posts) -

wUn sh0t 1 KiLL !

#35 Posted by atheistium (352 posts) -

"Destructoid.com" I need to change it soon :P

#36 Posted by MattyFTM (14431 posts) -

doooodoodoodoododoooo (there might be a slightly different d's and o's, but you get the idea of it)

#37 Posted by VilhelmNielsen (1743 posts) -


#38 Posted by giyanks22 (2681 posts) -

Finish the Fight

#39 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -

"This cake is great"

#40 Posted by Warfare (1641 posts) -
Guerrilla warfare
#41 Posted by killawogg (222 posts) -

mine      give me a beer:)

#42 Posted by Under_Influenz (161 posts) -

"Play B3yond" maybe it's time to change it.

#43 Posted by Philantrophy (354 posts) -


#44 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

Iron my shirt, woman!  Gamertag = your fat uncle

#45 Posted by Duffman (208 posts) -

Mine's just "Semper vigilanis."

Yes that's Latin.  Shouldn't be hard to figure out.

#46 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

<<<Obama 08>>>

#47 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2884 posts) -

"GTA IV 100%" pretty outdated now that everyone and their dog has 100%

Might change it to giantbomb.com, but I dont really care enough to do that.

#48 Posted by Player1 (3892 posts) -

Eat. Sleep. Murk.

#49 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

Idunno, none specificly

#50 Posted by Lozz (311 posts) -

What game do you game?

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