whelp, my ea xbox accounts were hacked (fifa 12)

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When I talked to the ea rep he said I had played fifa 12 when I had done no such thing ever. I heard about the fifa 12 hacks late next year but had no idea they were still going on. Fortunately, I was able to have my ea account recovered, and my xbl account is on lockdown right now

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Cool blog bro.

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Cool blog bro.

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My Live account was hacked last month. Lockout lasted a week. Just call everyday, cancel the card that is linked to the account (if any) and let them know if there is or isn't. Make sure they know if or if not money was taken from your card or your MS points balance, that helps speed things along. Also check your Microsoft Billing website and make sure that nothing was purchased without you knowing. You can also go through the security steps on Xbox Live .com All these steps help speed the process, just make sure you keep Microsoft up-to-date and you should have your account back in no time. Usually if money was taken from a card it would take a little longer... Good luck!

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So I talked to Microsoft tonight, and my account is being investigated, so that's awesome. I'm going to go to my bank tomorrow to talk about the charges on my debit card, and all my internet passwords have been changed. All in all, I feel like it wasn't a very bad experience at all

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