Where the hell is this Xbox 360 update?

#1 Posted by big_jon (6193 posts) -

I still don't have it, is anyone else still waiting for it too?

#2 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

I also have not gotten it. 

#3 Posted by laserbolts (5485 posts) -

Neither have I. Northern Alberta Canada. I dont think we are missing out on much anyways.

#4 Posted by xyzygy (10596 posts) -

They're sending it out over the course of this week. At least that's what they said.

#5 Posted by Demoskinos (16513 posts) -

Yeah no update here either. USA - East Coast.

#6 Posted by JJOR64 (19588 posts) -

From what I heard it will be out for everyone on the 23rd.

#7 Posted by Zacagawea (1665 posts) -

Still haven't gotten it here down in Texas. Sure are taking their sweet time.

#8 Posted by big_jon (6193 posts) -


Microsoft takes a big game about this release being out then this shit.

#9 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Midwestern US, no update yet. No biggie though because my guess is it's just going to be one big splash screen of ads.

#10 Posted by brundlefly (76 posts) -

Don't get too excited. I've been in since beta, and it's not that different. The pins feature is the ONLY improvement. Unless you really love browsing the internet on your television using IE.

#11 Edited by _Chad (999 posts) -

I never saw a download prompt but my dashboard updated. I'm also on the west coast and my brother's updated so it's out here.

#12 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2757 posts) -

West coast and still never got it.

#13 Posted by UnlivedPhalanx (562 posts) -

My friend down the street got it yesterday, but I haven't yet. Central Texas.

#14 Edited by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

I got an update the Friday after Xcom came out. Was that it? It has pins.

#15 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

It's not location based. My buddy that lives on my street has it and I don't.

#16 Posted by Gamer_152 (14303 posts) -

They're rolling it out to all users bit by bit, I think they said it could take a week to get it to everyone.

#17 Edited by Colourful_Hippie (5024 posts) -

The update isn't something to be excited about anyways. The wait to have IE can't be that important to you guys...at least I hope not.

#18 Posted by big_jon (6193 posts) -

Is it true you can have games load off the hard drive instead of Cache now to speed things up?

#19 Posted by Demoskinos (16513 posts) -

@Colourful_Hippie said:

The update isn't something to be excited about anyways. The wait to have IE can't be that important to you guys...at least I hope not.

I'm not so much "excited" about it as I am just dumbfounded that it is taking this long to push out a update like this to everyone.

#20 Posted by Demoskinos (16513 posts) -

Just downloaded the update. I'm not sure I like the new home page layout BUT everything is also loading snappier for me. My game library comes up instantly instead of having to wait a good 10-15 seconds.

#21 Posted by verbalmedal (57 posts) -

I got mine the day it came out. north carolina

#22 Posted by Rotnac (896 posts) -

Just got mine finally today. It's not as bad as some people are making it out to be.

#23 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Got mine today was a bit pissed that as a someone that has gold for 6 years was put at the end of the queue. Checked it out for 5 mins and will probably never use it again apart from Youtube and buying games. The should of made the home screen a ad free tab. for all the stuff that matters to you. For example I could have Youtube, New Arcade titles, Demos. Minecraft, Trials, EVO My Games and My Music folder all on the home screen instead I get Launch Game, Ads and a My Pins FOLDER., I was under the impression this would be like any IOS\WP7 device being able to move your most used items to the homescreen, plus IE is terrible on GB can't even watch videos without signing in, the keyboard is junk that you can't use the d pad to type got so angry that I pluged in my chat pad. Really hope next Xbox just looks like Windows 8 metro interface instead of this crap.

#24 Posted by kerse (2198 posts) -

I got it today, and now randomly all sound from my xbox to my tv cuts out until I restart the system.

#25 Posted by MideonNViscera (2269 posts) -

I got it last night. On here people were saying it made some things faster. They were wrong. It is useless.

#26 Posted by Ursus_Veritas (412 posts) -
@MideonNViscera: Really? I noticed mine had a marked improvement on loading stuff up - especially populating the friends list with Avatars/names/Premium theme backgrounds, or my recently played list. Bringing up the guide is almost instantaneous for me now, too. Everything certainly feels considerably snappier. Then again, just before I got it I deleted a lot of old and no longer wanted stuff off my hard drive, demos and the like - it's still about half full, but maybe that has something to do with it if your HDD is closer to capacity?
Apart from that, it's an okay update - it's essentially what the first tiles/metro update should've been. IE is pretty useless (I think it would be much more interesting if you could run it as a background application or something, almost like the guide button in that you could bring it up whilst playing a game or using another app like Netflix or whatever), but I like that the tab order has been rejigged so it goes Home > Social > Games, rather than shunting games further down the list. Not much else changed, really. Now that we have this unified design across Xbox/Windows Phones/Windows 8, it'll be interesting to see where MS takes these annual updates in the future, or if we're stuck with the tiles aesthetic for the foreseeable future, into the next Xbox and beyond.

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