Where to watch the press conference after it airs?

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#1 Posted by Atrus3 (10 posts) -

Will there be a website that hosts the press conferences after they air? I know that you have a few options to watch it live, but what about afterward?

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#2 Posted by TentPole (1856 posts) -

Gametrailers.com will have it.

Welcome to the bomb.

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#3 Posted by mosespippy (4748 posts) -

Gamespot should have it afterwards. G4 might as well. I know Sony puts theirs out on PSN afterwards but I don't know if others put theirs on their services.

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#4 Posted by Atrus3 (10 posts) -

Alright thanks guys!

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#5 Posted by Ocean_H (283 posts) -


All major gaming news websites... GameSpot, IGN, GameTrailers, etc... New to the internet?

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#6 Posted by Atrus3 (10 posts) -

Yes. As an 83 year old, I finally decided to check out what all the hubbub was about.

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#7 Posted by Viking_Funeral (2477 posts) -

Never to late to get into gaming.

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