Which 360 to buy?

#1 Posted by lancepr (6 posts) -

I am getting me my kids a 360 for Christmas, all of the deals I have seen are for the 4GB version that I do not want.

I am thinking of getting the $100 kinect bundle on amazon and the MW3 bundle so that I have a 320GB hard drive.

I want the larger hard drive for 2 reasons, I have U-verse and want to use the xbox as a DVR/TV, and half of our Wii games do not work anymore since they are all scratched up and I just want to be able install the games for easier kids play.

Any recommendations on other possible bundles?

#2 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

you do not want the 4gb version, i got the early versions with the 20gig hd and its a pain to memory manage. I havent really been looking for xbox/kinect bundles, so i dont know.

#3 Posted by mancide (214 posts) -

You can always add the drive to the 4GB version, but some games right away that have issues with the 4GB are Halo: Reach, Battlefield 3, and you can't do any installs to the drive (unless they are really small games ala Twister Mania).

I thought someone had the 250gb bundle on special today...

#4 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

I would get the Kinect bundle, sure your kids would have fun with it.

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