Who is seriously annoyed MS dropped BC

#1 Posted by Oemenia (52 posts) -

I sure as heck am, they showed a lot of promise, the emulation was fantastic, playing XBOX games on 360 felt like playing new games, but also, the list was growing steadily and had half of the original XBOX library

All of a sudden they drop it, just like that, theres plenty of games they could put on quite easily like Rallisport Challenge, Mechassault 1, KOF2, Far Cry Evolution or DOAX. Then there are the games that people really want, MGS2 (yes pressure buttons, but who cares, i want to play it!), Otogi, James Bon EON (one of the best games of last gen) and offcourse Timesplitters

Do you guys think we might get just ONE more update, because some sure as heck is better than nothing...

#2 Posted by Xeros606 (545 posts) -

no we wont and tbh i dont really care since i knew bc was fucked from the beginning so i decided that i wouldnt really miss any of the games (except for morrowind, so i bought it for pc with all the expansions) and traded everything in. if you wanted to play your old xbox games you should have kept it.

#3 Posted by Hangid (104 posts) -

Who cares? Seriously, the 360 has too many awesome games for someone to even think about the original's library.

#4 Posted by Oemenia (52 posts) -

I did keep my XBOX, only problem is it doesnt read discs, but even then, you miss out on all the cool 360 benefits

#5 Posted by Emilio (3380 posts) -

All I need is for the Warriors to work.

#6 Posted by Weltal (2276 posts) -

It's a bit frustrating but I preserver.

#7 Posted by jimbojones (156 posts) -

They got a lot of the great xbox titles on it and not the shitty ones but they're still missing some good ones which I wish they had

#8 Posted by L (1680 posts) -

Not too bothered. Since I have a PlayStation 2 for old titles. I do wish they had Dreamfall on Xbox Originals though, here in the UK (and maybe some RollerCoaster Tycoon).

#9 Posted by Ket87 (441 posts) -

At least you can still play the vast majority of quality Xbox games on 360 now and forever even though they stopped adding new ones. Its an outright shame Sony took the feature away completely from PS3's like there fan base will never get the feeling to play there PS2 games ever again.

#10 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

They did? last i checked they had just slowed down on it, there was no actual official announcement saying they had completely and totally stopped all work on bc.

#11 Posted by Major (506 posts) -

People should care about getting more updates on BC titles... You are paying them afterall to improve the service.
I think MS wants to brush the Xbox original under the rug and move on (even though I applaud them for allowing us to download a select few games on the marketplace). Seeing as how badly their dispute with Nvidia bit them in the ass and the success of the PS2 slim.

#12 Posted by MasterOfPenguins_Zell (2093 posts) -

If they did, that's incredibly annoying and stupid. How cheap can you be....

#13 Posted by Lies (3868 posts) -

All I want is Beyond Good and Evil, then I'm happy with their BC iist

#14 Posted by shadowjak (456 posts) -
#15 Edited by guiseppe (2842 posts) -

If you have a big collection of Xbox games I could see it as being an annoyance, since those Xboxes will break eventually and it's hard to get a hold of a new one these days. Even I, with only 5 Xbox games find it slightly annoying, but then again, the games I have are supported by the 360 and they work fine for the most part, not counting frustrating glitches in sound and stuttering image (Looking at you, KotOR2).

#16 Posted by EvilTwin (3324 posts) -

I got to play the 3 games for the original Xbox that I always wanted to.  So, I'm happy.

#17 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

I'm not too upset about it.  All my personal favorite games have been added to the BC list and I don't even have much time to go back and play those games since there are so many awesome games this generation coming up and those that have already been released that I haven't played yet. 

If only there were more hours in the day...

#18 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2537 posts) -

yeah man... when is Otogi going to be added? fuckin' hell...
Hopefully we have full BC for 360 games on the next xbox...
if not, that'd suck...

#19 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (3966 posts) -

Yes, I'm annoyed.  They didn't bring over X-men Legends or X-men Legends II.  And yet, they brought over Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 & 2. These four games are all based on the same kind of engine & yet they didn't bother to bring over the X-men games!!!  I never understood this.

One work-around I've found is to buy the non-BC games for the PC at very cheap used prices, if available.  But this can be annoying for openers because the first X-men Legends is not available on anything but consoles!  So you can only play it on an Xbox or PS2 or whatever. I also believe the number of BC games on the PS3 is far greater than the Xbox. I just checked & the PS3 can play the PS2 X-men Legends.  It's irritating not having these features.

I'm probably going to be tremendously upset when/if they don't BC the 360 games when the next Xbox console gets released in a few years. It's enough to make me want to give up console gaming or just stick to rentals only rather than collection.

#20 Posted by Vaxadrin (2297 posts) -

Where's Stranger's Wrath?????

#21 Posted by RedBananas (13 posts) -

Basicly all the titles I love are available via the emulation, except for Midtown Madness 3.  But then again, I haven't checked with all my games.
One other thing I got mad about is the 4:3 resolution on SSX3 looks like it's been  pushed even smaller.

#22 Posted by darthzew (304 posts) -

I'm not shedding any tears but I do think they should have at least kept it going a little while longer. Even I have those nostalgic moments where I really want to play that one old game that saved a bored afternoon all those years ago. Maybe one of those is Riddick...

#23 Posted by RedBananas (13 posts) -
darthzew said:
"I'm not shedding any tears but I do think they should have at least kept it going a little while longer. Even I have those nostalgic moments where I really want to play that one old game that saved a bored afternoon all those years ago. Maybe one of those is Riddick..."
I thought that it was in the list! Isn't it?
#24 Posted by wafflestomp (252 posts) -

I'm just bummed I never got to play PsiOps, should have kept my old xbox.

#25 Posted by Metasin (219 posts) -
#26 Posted by Oemenia (52 posts) -

I think they have done a great job so far, theyve gone strength to strength not only increasing the number of titles but improving the emulation too, it was only until Sony decided to drop it that MS changed their tune. I guess all the bashing did help for once...

But yes, there are still a lot of cult hits, as well as popular games NOWHERE to be found. Seriously, i just want a few more titles and i will be quite content, but seriously MS, people are calling you quitters for last-gen, why not show your commitment by supporting all of last gens games?

XBOX Originals were a glimmer of hope, as many low selling games who are BC were getting a new lease of life, and trust me, there are plenty of obscure games that shouldve got attention. Unfortunately, theres lot of popular stuff on there and i think MS will be happy just selling them

#27 Posted by Weltal (2276 posts) -
wafflestomp said:
"I'm just bummed I never got to play PsiOps, should have kept my old xbox."
Ya know, Psi-Ops is available for free (Ad supported,but still).
#28 Posted by HitNRun (344 posts) -

Christ, to read this topic's title, you'd think they had just dropped it from the Pro and Elite systems altogether.

Have some perspective. You can play most good Xbox titles on the 360, which is more than you can say for the PS3. I've only had a couple incompatibilities.

Yes, I would like one more big update, but it's not enough for me to call myself "seriously annoyed." Plus, the fall update is coming. Wait until that comes and goes before you complain.

#29 Posted by Oemenia (52 posts) -

Well as ive said, theyve done a great job so far, but then they randomly drop it? Not good.

#30 Posted by SmugDarkLoser (4619 posts) -

you'd be even happier with the ps3.... which doesn't have backwards compatibility at all anymore

#31 Posted by Oemenia (52 posts) -

Again as ive said, its sad that MS after such great progress just suddenly decide to call it quits

#32 Posted by twenty0ne (3071 posts) -

It really didn't bother me. The only original games I ever played are already playable.

#33 Posted by LightYagami245 (1117 posts) -
twenty0ne said:
"It really didn't bother me. The only original games I ever played are already playable."
Me too. And I can easily find the ones that I want, so I'm fine too.
#34 Edited by Za3r0 (100 posts) -

all i wanted was midnight club 2. and i couldn't even get that. so sad

#35 Posted by Lind_L_Taylor (3966 posts) -
Weltal said:
"wafflestomp said:
"I'm just bummed I never got to play PsiOps, should have kept my old xbox."
Ya know, Psi-Ops is available for free (Ad supported,but still)."
Whoa! This is some of the best info I've read on GB ever! Thanks. I actually own the Xbox game but hey, if I can play it on my PC, that's fine by me.  It amazes me as I thought they didn't make the Xbox BC game due to some legal reasons on the copyright of the game..basically it stole some ideas from someone else.
#36 Posted by DJ_Lae (629 posts) -

I guess I'm not up in arms, although part of me is choked they haven't added Rallisport Challenge 2 or Riddick. Man, I really want those games.

#37 Posted by BananaHammock (141 posts) -

I don't think we'll get any more updates. Most of the games that I would want to play are already on the list and I'm also pretty sure they're just trying to push the Xbox Originals thing too.

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