Why are my USB ports killswitches?

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This has been bothering me for a while now. The two USB ports on my Xbox have a habit of instantly shutting down my Xbox with the RROD when something is plugged into them. Just a few minutes ago I plugged my controller charger into the top port and the Xbox died and displayed the RROD. Weirdly, the system is never totally dead when this happens; I can turn on the system immediately after with no issues.

Does this happen to anyone else? It's really annoying.

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  • Console version/old?
  • console placement/fan space?
  • How many circles do you get on the front display?
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Does the same thing happened with usb memory devices?

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Wow man, that doesn't sound good. You prob need to get the console fixed or maybe you need to think about buying a new one. Never heard of this happening to anyone.

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@FritzDude said:

  • Console version/old?
  • console placement/fan space?
  • How many circles do you get on the front display?
  • Elite, a few years old
  • It's horizontal. I can't imagine why fan space would cause the Xbox to shut down when I plug something into the USB port
  • 3 red lights when it shuts down

@Poppduder said:

Does the same thing happened with usb memory devices?

It hasn't happened yet with a USB memory device. Only controllers or controller chargers.

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@natetodamax: What does the power adapter say? It could very well be the cause of your problems. Either that or your console is about to die and adding new hardware through the USB ports are the last straw for it. I recommend troubleshooting this over at xbox.com. I can't link it to you because the site just generates it into my language.

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@FritzDude: Haven't checked the power adapter. This has been going on for a while so I don't think my console is about to die. I'd say it only happens maybe 35-40% of the time.

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@natetodamax: At this point, to me, it sounds like an overcharge in either the system or the power adapter. I highly suggest checking it with another power adapter just to rule out if it's the system or the power. Also try to listen if you hear anything unusual when plugging in the play & charge etc (static, increased fan noises etc). It's not normal for it to just shut itself down, though it usually happens when it's overheating, but I'm not sure if this is the case here since it only happens when you plug into the USB ports. This is a very weird scenario. But again, try toubleshooting this at xbox.com.

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killswitches haha the first time i ever heard of this

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great necro.

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weird necro.

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This necro gives me a great chance to be MacGyver. Stick a paperclip into one of the USB ports, if that causes it to turn off then it's the ports themselves overloading each time you plug something in.

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Can you copy files over the network to your computer instead?  Maybe
you can do that & just avoid using the USB ports at all?  That's what I'd
do.  It's all about running it for as long as possible, like a new car turned
old, until it turns to shit & so old there's nothing left to do with it but junk

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What do you have the 360 plugged into, ie. what does the power cord plug into? The wall? Power strip? Could be that the 360 is not able to pull enough juice so the power cord is dying or you are just sharing it with too many things since it seems like only things that need USB for power cause the 360 to commit suicide. You didn't molest it did you?

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