Why did you pick the 360?

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#151 Posted by DER (97 posts) -

i got it because it was cheaper, and the fact that halo 3 was coming out in a year.  The fact that Live is much more social than psn is still a reason to pick up a xbox.

#152 Posted by wosifat (188 posts) -

Moved up from the original Xbox after how lovely games like PGR3 looked.  I don't remember which other games that specifically drew me to the 360, but I do remember that being one off the launch games I was excited about.  I don't remember exactly why I chose the original Xbox, but it may have been Sega making games for it after the Dreamcast, because I remember wanting Jet Set Radio Future.  And I remember being turned off by the hate from all the Sony fanboys.  Still am, by the way, but I do someday plan on getting a PS3.

#153 Edited by Najaf (295 posts) -
I would have bought one on launch day anyway because the xbox became my system of choice over time. But, yes, I won mine by drinking Mountain Dew and entering bottle cap codes. I dumped all of mine into one time slot and had overall odds of about 1 to 4. It was the only time I have ever won something through a contest like that.
#154 Posted by JellyFish_Gsus (769 posts) -

I have both but on the 360 i prefer the better online community and the controller layout.

#155 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

i picked it up because i needed a next gen console. the warranty for rrod just went to three years. i knew there wsa a problem with the 360. the games were good when i got it. i played halo 2 then bought halo 3.

#156 Posted by Nock (226 posts) -

I play tested Gears for microsoft and only got 2 hours into it, left there wanting to play the rest.... So i got a best buy card and that's that. I like the PS3 too but there's not been that same moment for me that there was on the 360, where the game reached out and grabbed me and wouldn't let go, my oh shit moment if you will. I'll prolly get one I'm too much of a God of War fan boy, that and I would be willing to bet money FFXIII is going to be better on the PS3, down ports are never as good.

#157 Posted by thejamster (263 posts) -

i had played my friends 360 for months and i got familiar with the system so i thought i should buy my own

#158 Posted by AgentofChaos (1565 posts) -

Well, when both consoles we're coming out, to me it came down to would 360 have Guitar Hero 2, they did and I got it.

#159 Posted by AgentJ (8781 posts) -

I picked the 360 because I got the oppourtunity to buy one with a 20 gb hard drive and an extra controller for 200 bucks. This was last November. 

#160 Posted by bwooduhs (1618 posts) -

Because it was $300(NZD) cheaper than a PS3

#161 Posted by Druminator (1690 posts) -

got one at launch cause i loved the first xbox which was actually my last choice in that gen of consoles. pretty much couldn't stop playing cod2. i just remember cod2, perfect dark zero and kameo being so awesome back then. actually doesn't seem that long ago for some reason.

#162 Posted by Druminator (1690 posts) -

got one at launch cause i loved the first xbox which was actually my last choice in that gen of consoles. pretty much couldn't stop playing cod2. i just remember cod2, perfect dark zero and kameo being so awesome back then. actually doesn't seem that long ago for some reason.

#163 Posted by KamasamaK (2412 posts) -

Dead Rising

#164 Posted by natetodamax (19229 posts) -

cuz it is teh win

#165 Posted by Tordah (2495 posts) -
  • I had previously owned an Xbox
  • It has the most comfortable controller
  • Tons of great games available
  • I found a pretty good deal
#166 Posted by Atlas (2461 posts) -

1) A disdain for Sony due to old Nintendo loyalty 
2) The death of old Nintendo loyalty due to lack of interest in motion controls and low-end graphics 
3) The only other system at the time that had The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and BioShock 
4) An Xbox 360 Elite was still cheaper than a PS3. 
5) We recently bought our first HDTV, so I wanted an HD console to play on it 
To be honest it wasn't a hugely informed decision, because I wasn't super knowledgeable about games and hardware when I made the purchase, but looking back, knowing what I know now, I would have made the same decision 99 times out of 100.

#167 Edited by Jedted (2442 posts) -

Two words, Mass Effect
Since then i've found a lot of things i like about the 360 like XBLA and the achievements system but that was main reason i purchesed it. 
#168 Posted by SoapyYeti (8 posts) -

controller, it was all about the controller. The 360's controller is awesome (apart from the d-pad which we all know is dog-shit) its the right size and everything is in the right place (by that i mean the left analogue stick) and that is pretty much it. Well that and the online service rocks as well (I really dont mind paying £40 per year for it).

#169 Posted by Raven_Sword (3446 posts) -

Gears of War. Got my 360 the day that game came out.
#170 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

It was actually Skate that made me start playing videogames again and at the time the 360 was way cheaper than the PS3. I also hate the Playstation controller...

#171 Edited by Pantalooney (317 posts) -

It was the first next-gen console, i got it on lauch day

#172 Posted by ptc (625 posts) -

I bought it a year into it's lifecycle.  I already had an Xbox, but Gears of War came out and I finally had a compelling reason to upgrade to the 360.
#173 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

It was released

#174 Posted by Blair (2532 posts) -

Dude, me and my buddy wanted a 360 after reading a Viva Pinata preview.
That game was, and still is, one of my most loved games on the system.
Those were the days...
It brings back some nostalgia, thinking back about going out and buying video game systems with your buddies.
That's one of the reasons that I can't wait for the next gen systems.

#175 Posted by Lost_In_Gaming (210 posts) -
@Tarsier said:
" I got mine this year because it has the best online experience, better more comfortable controllers, better interface, and the games that I am interested in. "
Pretty much the reason I still use mine today.  However, I won mine via Mountain Dew's sweepstakes back in 2005, Everytenminutes.com.
#176 Posted by Dethfish (3705 posts) -

It was cheaper than the PS3. Back when I bought it I didn't really know the pros or cons of each system. If the PS3 was the same price as the 360 I probably would have got it instead since I loved the PS2 and everyone I knew seemed to be getting the PS3. Now that I'm a little more educated about each system I'm glad I picked the 360. I still want to get a PS3 though. 
Another reason I picked the 360 is because it wasn't the Wii. It didn't have gimmicky motion controls. I feel tricked now.

#177 Posted by Navster (51 posts) -

I got mine December '06. I was basically waiting to see if Sony could deliver what they promised for the PS3, and of course they disappointed. So I bought a 360 with Gears and GRAW and was completely blown away by how awesome it was.
Also, this wasn't a jab at the PS3. I own one now and think it's great, but it was really not worth the money when it launched.

#178 Posted by DRooPZ (82 posts) -

cause i already had a ps3.

#179 Posted by killdave (1073 posts) -

Because it was the only option

#180 Posted by mrhankey (695 posts) -

Because my friends told me how awesome live was. And how awesome the games were. And how my love for the pc was pathetic. 
So i got it
And i've been bitter ever since.

#181 Posted by MetalR (422 posts) -

It was cheaper than the PS3.

#182 Posted by Meltac (2011 posts) -

Because I got a crazy offer

#183 Posted by mikenam (54 posts) -

I didnt

#184 Posted by eunao2 (117 posts) -

Basically just for Gears of War because Halo 3 was really disappointing.

#185 Posted by Gargantuan (1887 posts) -

Three primary reasons:

  • Great games
  • Awesome controller
  • It came first
#186 Posted by FlamingHobo (4513 posts) -

I actually wanted a Wii but they sold out pretty quickly, and so my parents decided me to get an Xbox 360 with Gears of War. I'm actually really glad they did this.

#187 Posted by RobbieMac (535 posts) -

I had the original xbox from the beginning and when the DVD bit the dust I went and bought a 360.

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