Why is Final Fantasy 13 not available to buy on xbox live?

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I recently bought an xbox 360 just to play gta 5 on it. I am looking to buy games for my xbox because I come from the world of the PC where I have played my games for the past few years. I have never owned any console of this generation (the wii only but i dont think that counts) so I am trying to get as many games that are console only and that have never come out on pc. I want to try a final fantasy game and went to but it but there is no price for it on the xbox store. Do I have to buy a physical copy instead?

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If you wanted console exclusives, then why didn't you go with the PS3?

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It's multiple discs? Not all games are available to buy on Xbox Live? I'm not completely sure.

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I'm not completely sure, but I think MS has a policy about sizes for it's game downloads. Just go with the physical copy, swapping disk is not that big of a deal.

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for XIII yes you have to buy the physical copy. XIII-2 is a games on demand game, so you can download that if you really wanted to skip the first game.

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If you wanted console exclusives, then why didn't you go with the PS3?

This was my exact thought as well.

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@iburningstar: I was going to get a ps3 but all my friends are on xbox. I will get an ps4 when it comes out because those same people with the xbox 360 are going to get the ps4 and hopefully with gaikai streaming i will be able to play ps3 games on the ps4.

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I've noticed that either zero or very few games with multiple disks are on the GoD store.

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Not every 360 game is GoD. File size may be a factor.

Also, Square is weird about digital releases.

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Games on Demand is rather spotty. It may be as simple as nobody wanted to bother coming up with an all-in one file to download.

You should be able to pick up a physical copy under 20 bucks though. The on demand version would definitely cost more.

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@jaycrockett: I agree the pricing on the marketplace has been spotty, but this year they've really gotten competitive with the pricing. I think I've picked 15 titles this year thanks to all the sales they've been having. I just wish they could offer all those multiple disc games and newer games closer to the retail release.

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I bought the PS3 version last year for stupidly cheap -- maybe $15. Even if it was on Games on Demand for $20, I suspect it would be more expensive than a new boxed copy from Amazon.

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@believer258 said:

If you wanted console exclusives, then why didn't you go with the PS3?

Cuz hes a man and wanted to play more than just Last of Us

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What sort of an answer are a bunch of random dudes on a video game website supposed to give you? It's not on there...

Now, could I use my Giant Bomb Premium Membership powers to pressure Square-Enix into releasing FFXIII on the Xbox Marketplace? Yes I could... but I refuse to abuse this gift we have been given for the low, low price of $49.95 a year.

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