**X360 Gamertag Thread**

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GT: DooseyToosey

Accepting all friends. Just revived Gt.
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Lord Soran


Feel free to add.


I sneakily have a second gold account..mwuhahahahaaaa (no, that isn't the gamertag) :p    

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gamertag: chan05

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TheGrindilow , feel free to add me , loads of games if people want to team up, new and old!

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I MrAwsum I

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Xdsk 2k5

Lets play some games!

Please send me a message saying your from GB with your request. Thanks guys.

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TimeMuffin PhD

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Ronin Sutekh

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i like to play games. 
add me.

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LollerskateDJ, I'm currently trying to rebuild my game collection. I need new friends :D

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KainLV, the vast majority of my friends on my friend's list are all the way back from Halo 2 and very few of them still play so I'm looking for some new people to play with.

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Hey everyone. I need some new 360 friends so add me up! Gamertag is: Louis0nFire (that's a zero in 0n)

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Gamer Tag: Shrom 
Add me if you fancy playing some dirt 3, bad company 2 or just anything that I have. Just stick giantbomb or summat in the friend request and its a sure accept.

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I think I'm on a different list already and I'm unsure if this one is updated as much as the other but it won't hurt. 
Gamertag: Aniseed Buspass
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mine is bloodypuppet

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My GT is Reddy1124.
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My gamertag is JMadFour

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I get my Xbox live account in about two or three days from now. Soon to be GamerTag : RoseAndThorn   
Probably wont accept but blahh, whatever. I love to play Left For Dead 2 And COD Black ops mostly.

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Mental Patient
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ksawwwwwwwww- 9w's

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mine is DEMONOLOGY 24 space not underscore

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Capn US
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Gamertag = Miedox

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al b pimpinn

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I got a 360 not too long ago so I only have like 1 guy that randomly added me :S

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ElCaballoPalido. Have no shame broskies hit me up. Play bfbc2. Getting gears 3. Let's do this.

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GT: Berserking Guts

I'll play pretty much anything. Especially co-op games, so hit me up!

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Jeff Threat

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Hi Voltg3 is mine.
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Doc Mern
#1149 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

Gamertag: Vegsen

I play a lot of XBLA games and chasing after people's high score is what I love.

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how about people write what region they are from, and maybe include that in the list? You know, for ping-times and such. Right now, all I see is a whole bunch of gamertags, but I've got no idea if they're on the other side of the world from me, or if they only play Madden 2964 or something along those lines..  

I'm in Norway by the way. I love RPG's, and play some XBLA games and the occasional shooter.

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