**X360 Gamertag Thread**

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BF3, Halo, GOW and other stuff

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tL Gorilla Corn

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Strange, thought I was on this.

xbox gamertag/giantbomb = fox01313

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Hmmmmm. I could've sworn I posted in here once.... oh well. Gamertag is the same as my name here on GB, jonny126.

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Same as my GB forum name here: Crownbreaker

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Brandeno2067, I just got my Xbox yesterday so I dont have anyone

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Possum_Revolt (PS3)

I play Mortal Kombat 9


Battle Field 3

Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Twisted Metal

Uncharted 3

Operation Raccoon City

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ciscoidiot. Gears of War(1-3) ,Halo: ODST. Saints Row 3

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My gamertag is J Hardcopy. Always looking for more folks to play games with. Send me a quick message when adding so I know you came from GB. Lately I'm playing a lot of Tiger Woods, Trials, but with Borderlands 2 soon I'll be all up in that.

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My gamertag is mrmanga2

I just want some more friends on there. Mostly to compare scores with and such though, maybe a co op or fighting game session once in a while.

As many others say on here just tell me that your from GB.

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Mint Kjell Olav

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phileskyline is my XBL name

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My name Is SanjayCollins but the two L's in Collins are actually uppercase i's (so SanjayCoiiins i guess haha). Wedding Crashers reference.

anyways, I'm online playing Fifa, MW3, Borderlands 2, and the like... hit me up if you wanna get in on any of that and send me a message letting me know you're from giantbomb.

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slater45 :D

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Eerie Traveler

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XBL GT: Vaevin


Yes, I play Call of Duty. EU & UK.

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Hey, I'm MightyAnteater if anyone still interested.

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XBL GT: iGoonerFC

Feel free to add me.

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Please add me

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So I just purged a ton of spots from inactive people that haven't been online in forever on my friends list. 25-ish spots if you'd like to add me feel free now that I have space. GT: Demoskinos

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GB user: tCobra Gamertag: Tama Ironcobra

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lennoxyz friend meh!

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just bought an xbox for halo 4

Gamertag: livechino1

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ManicRaider - Pretty much all I play for now is Gears of War 3. But I'm open to playing other games as long as they're action-oriented like shooting or fighting. Oh and I don't exactly have a working console at the moment but I will soon.

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Sure, I'll throw my name in the giant pile. It'll probably never be used anyway. Ssur Trebor is the name, games I like to play....nothing specific, really. Gears of War, Mass Effect, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, pretty much anything but Halo and Call of Duty.

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Hey guys, Jack Burt0n is my gamertag. Look forward to seeing some of you online. SOME of you. o.O

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(thought I was on this one forum thread already)

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You guys should add SxyToadster considering I got new Internet and now can play online!

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I don't think I ever posted my gamertag in here. TheDarthOrange if anyone is interested. I don't have Xbox Live anymore and rarely use the system but you can still check out my avatar.

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