XBLA DVD Game Covers

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Hi All,

Ive been trying to locate DVD covers to print for my XBLA games.. I know there is no real purpose and you are probably asking why but Im a bit OCD and would like my downloaded games to be represented in my xbox retail game collection


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Check GiantBomb's image galleries, I see most XBLA games have fake boxart, probably not big enough to fit on a DVD case, but you could blow them up a little.

Are you going to go all out and get orange DVD cases too?

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yes sir. I ave located a seller on ebay which will have the orange DVD cases. I have a couple of Kinect games downloaded which will have purple covers as well. Thanks for the suggestion

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...now I have a mild form of this (you try finding a green DVD box with a second tray for any kind of reasonable money sometime)... but I don't know that I'd go for this level (though I like the orange box idea!)...

This brings up questions though... What goes on the back (maybe just dupe the front)? Though really (unless you've got a really odd way of displaying your collection), it's not the front or back that's important, it's the spine -- which you get to make yourself...

Though the biggest question of all is: what do you put in the box? Do you buy a usb drive for each arcade game or do you leave them empty?

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Whoa, wait... Orange box? Xbox games are in green boxes? Am I completely missing something despite playing tons of XBLA games in the past?

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@believer258: XBLA is orange, what's not to get?

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@Baillie said:

@believer258: XBLA is orange, what's not to get?

I have never noticed this.

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@believer258: Eh, I think it's a newer thing that the orange is more prevalent. The covers all have orange and the likes, so it makes a lot of sense.

Actually while I'm on it, Xbox LIVE is orange, so there's a big factor there.

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My compulsive side wants to buy a USB stick for each game so "something" goes in the box.... but I dont want it rattling around. Spine and front cover are what Im after. Ive been searching around giant bomb ( new here) and the database is AMAZING!!!!! now i need to get handy with photoshop or some other tool.

If anyone has done this before any suggestions are appreciated!

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@ez3c: Throw out a list of the games you need, and I'll help you out. What are the sizes of images you would like, also?

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What the hell?

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Out of curiosity, how many XBLA games do you have? After some quick searching it'd cost me at least a couple of hundred dollars for cases, printing, and another shelving unit. I can't even imagine how many hours it'd take to put it all together.

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It is OCD, but I like the idea.

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thecoverproject.com might have something for you.

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@ez3c: Well, with your list, I have finished up on the covers. I'm sorry that some are small, but it's the best I could do.

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Also, if anyone else wants some sort of XBLA box art, or something that they want, feel free to ask. I'm not saying I'm great at it, but I don't mind trying.

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Forgive the delay in my reply. As a new user, Im limited to 5 posts per day.

Baillie did fantastic work! The really turned out awesome.

I decided to not use the orange slim dvd covers as It would make creating the spine harder for me. I have several black cases which will work for now until I order standard clear orange cases. When I get home from work and get a few completed, I'll post images.

Thanks again everyone!!!!!

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