XBox 360 coop split screen games for 3+ players

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I'm trying to find any xbox 360 games that 3 kids can play at the same time on a split screen. I have 3 grandkids that play everyday and the only game I've found so far is Minecraft, which they love. But it would be awesome to find them some other games for Christmas that all 3 could play together. I've searched a lot online trying to find any and it seems like most are 2 player split screen or they have to be online on different xboxes. Any ideas?


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It's not split screen, but Castle Crashers.

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So they can all play Castle Crashers on the same xbox at the same time?

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Rayman Origins and Legends are 2-4 player local co-op as well, and both are fantastic.

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No idea the ages of the kids, but all the 360 Halo games have four player split-screen single system co-op, as I believe do all the Call of Duty games.

For a younger crowd, both of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games have four-player co-op. Crazy fun to be had there.

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The Lego games I think?

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I believe the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games (the first is the best) support 4 players locally.

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Hydro Thunder has some pretty fun 4 player splitscreen arcade racing. Also geometry wars 2 has same screen co-op.

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