Xbox 360 Freezing from Overheating. Suggestions?

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Hey guys. I've been looking around forums and other places online trying to figure out what the problem is with one of the Xbox consoles here at work. Unfortunately, none of them are having the same exact problem as the one up here is.

It's an Xbox 360 Slim, 4GB model. After about 20 minutes of gameplay or so, it will freeze up completely. There's no red light or the "console is shutting down due to overheating". It still has the green lights as well as the light for the controller, and the fans are spinning in the console while it is turned on. I haven't noticed any type of error messages at all coming up on the console. The heat coming off the console doesn't feel that much more extreme than what comes off the other Slims that we have up here.

I'm curious if anyone might know what the deal is. I'm getting the feeling that it's either overheating internally at the processor level or something, or it could potentially be a bad power supply/improperly hooked-up power supply. I've unplugged the power supply, waited about 10-20 seconds, and then plugged it back in multiple times. The results continue to be the same.

Any ideas? Any possible help would be appreciated.

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