Xbox 360 not working

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I took apart my working xbox 360 to clean it and i put it back together and now it has 3 red rings and the power supply was red. I tried it with a different power supply but it was the same but the power supply was orange instead of red

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Red LED usually means the PSU is dead, solid orange LED means it's okay. If it still doesn't turn on then you'll probably have to take apart your console again. You may have missed something or there's a short circuit somewhere.

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i took it apart and checked everything, it all looked ok

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You shouldn't need to take apart a working 360 to clean it out, or any console for that matter. You should have just bought a can of compressed air for cleaning out computers and used that.

I have no idea what you might have messed up but three red rings usually means that your 360 isn't going to work anymore.

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i have taken it part lots before this is the first time it had a problem :(

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You didn't do anything to the thermal pads did you?

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