XBox 360 tip for dashboard navigation (for those that don't know.

#1 Posted by Cold_Blooded_Chiller (50 posts) -

LB and RB switch between home / social / video etc..

On your "my games" this will page left, and right respectively. Handy for quickly getting to a game when you have over 100 on the console like I do.

Now, if you are on something like the "Storage Devices" section of the System menu, you can instead use LT and RT to quickly scroll up or down your list of games, again this is handy to get to whatever it is you are deleting, or copying, quicker.

Finally, here's a backdrop you can use to bring back that good old green you remember from NXE or earlier... :)

#2 Posted by Matt_F606 (342 posts) -

The current dash board is just too confusing. If it was Microsofts objective to create more ways for you to buy stuff from them I think that have failed. It takes way too many steps now to just find the new arcade releases or even look up new movies. Any body even know how to find indie games anymore?

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