Xbox 360's hdmi not working, help!

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So my hdmi on my Xbox was working fine, up until today. Hdmi doesn't show. I've tried multiple hdmi cables and y+rt reset. I have a Samsung 40' LCD tv. It works fine with composite cables. Can anyone help?

Edit: 40'' not 40'.

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Have you tried using HDMI with other devices to rule out it being your TV? I had an issue with my component cables turning the image green on my xbox and I had to send it in for repair because composite worked just fine.

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@Schatzy23: Yes I have. My Dish receiver works fine.

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Make sure your TV is set to display the right input. My TV can toggle between HDMI1, HDMI2, AVI1, etc. It's such a simple thing but I forget about it all the time and end up wasting half an hour instead of just pushing two buttons on the remote.

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This isn't going to be helpful but It seems to be the only thing people say when they have troubles with their Xboxes. Clear your cache.

Seriously though, have you tried using a different HDMI port?

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What's it running through? Home theater, straight to TV, or this "Dish receiver" of which you speak (I know literally nothing about cable/satellite TV)?

Try hooking it up through component and changing the output to 480, 720, and 1080 in turn, switching over to HDMI-out after every switch.

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Tried different HDMI holes? If your TV have more than one?

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have you tried rebooting it? 

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@Ravenlight: Made sure.

@ChadMasterFlash: No luck with that...

@mlarrabee: I can't change hd settings with composite cables. But I did do a resolution reset. Still no luck.

@FritzDude: Tried every one...

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Have you tried throwing it out a window? But in all seriousness, it does seem like the hdmi port on the xbox is fuuuuucked. Did you try a different TV? Also you have a 40 foot television?!

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Testing this stuff to ID a problem can be a real pain in the ass. There are a lot of issues with HDMI, so do these things: 1) Prepare your body for the journey ahead 2) Make sure your TV is set to HDMI1 or whatever. Test your Cable receiver IN THAT PORT. Sometimes a TV HDMI port will die on you. This is why you have 4-8 of them I guess. 3) Did it work? Okay, port is cool. Take the HDMI cable from your cable receiver and connect your Xbox directly to the live port. Turn off everything. Power on Xbox then TV. If you're currently connecting through an AV receiver, that can screw it up. 4) Not working? Looks like your HDMI port fried in the box. At this point, you can send it in for repair or buy a new box. Unless you have a huge TV, there will be no difference really in doing a component connection. Not as good for surround speakers, if that is an isse for you. Have a nice fucking weekend. Maybe play some SMB or DKS. Really madochistic shit. Make it rain.

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@SexyToad: Not with composite, but you can with component.

Does your TV or receiver have RGB component input you can run from your Xbox?

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I had the same problem just now, I didn't think it would matter but try flipping the cable around. It fixed my problem.

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@jgpgames said:

I had the same problem just now, I didn't think it would matter but try flipping the cable around. It fixed my problem.

Well thanks :D

Thing is, I posted this a year ago.

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