Xbox dilemma

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So i think my xbox is finally unusable. The only way i can get the disk try out of or into my xbox is to smack the top of it above the disk tray pretty hard and that doesnt seem like a good idea with a hard drive or game in the system. I cant figure out how to fix this and unless anyone here knows then i dunno. Should i just buy a new 360 or wait for the next gen one. The xbox is kind of my main gaming system (shocker right?) but i dont want to spend 3 Benjamin Franklins on something i already bought only to have a new xbox come out in like a year or whenever.

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So the disc tray doesn't want to open or close? I haven't heard of that issue, though it sounds problematic. I'm guessing you have an original 360, so buying the $200 S won't help because your harddrive will be nearly useless. I would seriously suggest looking on eBay or something for a cheap original, or look around for some sort of really good deal on an S with a decent harddrive.

The new Xbox should be out in a year or two, so buying a used one that only lasts a year or two wouldn't be a horrible idea. Though I would be surprised if it came out in holiday 2012, it's in the realm of possibility.

Edit: (Realized I had the wrong price.) EB sells refurb originals for $120. Might be a good idea.

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@animathias: didnt think of getting a refurb, if they have some sort of warranty then its a great idea.

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Mine sticks some times, so I'm sure it's easy to fix. I've heard of varying levels of this problem, I think it's likely just catching on something or the motor is going bad or something. Also, 100 bucks will get it fixed through MS, 0 bucks if under warentee

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