XBOX Live Down Today

#1 Posted by smeddly (65 posts) -

Went on the Xbox just to play some rockband blitz, maybe download some songs and couldn't log in to xbox live. After testing connection and it came back fine I still couldn't get on. Went online and found out that Live is down today, some say it's because the Elder Scrolls DLC today and too many folk are downloading it, others (trolls) are saying it got hacked like PSN a while ago. Anyway just thought I'd let others know it's down, well in UK it is, dunno about rest of the world.

#2 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (183 posts) -

It's down in the US as well. It told me I needed to redownload my gamertag so I did. Then it told me to slam my head into a stack of paper plates.

#3 Posted by smeddly (65 posts) -

Any idea why it's down, DLC related perhaps?

#4 Posted by hangedtoaster (185 posts) -

Well, this ruins my plans of going home and watching Netflix, and downloading my new house in Skyrim. I will survive... for now

#5 Posted by HH (829 posts) -

i can honestly say this is the first time i've ever been stoked enough about dlc to seek it out on the day of release.

I can't be bothered to tidy my own house, but man just GIMME that skyrim sweeping brush.

#6 Posted by Brodehouse (10511 posts) -

I was thinking of buying Leviathan tonight.

Oh well, the FTL beta is up for kickstarter backers.

#7 Edited by believer258 (12804 posts) -

I'm kind of doubting that XBL went down because of Skyrim DLC. In fact, I really, really doubt that. I also really, really hope that Xbox Live isn't getting hacked as we speak, I've got rather important information on there.

EDIT: And it appears the site doesn't work right either.

#8 Edited by hangedtoaster (185 posts) -

As terrible as it is too say it wouldn't be a huge surprise if it turns out that it's been hacked or compromised in some fashion, I mean they are the big company that hasn't been hit by any sort of attack yet. 

#9 Posted by smeddly (65 posts) -

yeah I saw the site is jacked (jack on) today, that's what made me wonder what was up

#10 Posted by Cobra_Lionfist (11 posts) -

I just connected, looks like it's back up. Website still giving an error though.

#11 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

It seems to be back up, but no avatars or friend bios.

#12 Posted by bluntdookie (2 posts) -

wouldnt allow me to party up or send any invites can connect but its like having a silver membership no marketplace either. games will load but they wont go to the screen for actually starting the download wtf

#13 Edited by FritzDude (2316 posts) -

A hacker would try to steal information and then bail without causing suspicion. When Xbox live goes down for an hour and then back up again, then it's not an attempt of hacking, because if it were the team would do a thoroughly investigation of the suspicious activity and pull the service down for much longer than just an hour, even if the attack was successful or not.

I'd say this is just another error when transferring marketplace data onto the service. Has happened quite a few times. And as we speak the team has just announced they fixed the issue. Should be working for everyobdy now.

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