xbox shutting down, Kinect or system problem...

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Setup: 360s with Kinect

I got a call 2 days ago at work from my roommate telling me that my 360s had shut off during a movie and wouldn't function. When I arrived home I noticed the light on the brick was red, I eventually got the system to turn back on that evening. I had left the system alone until today when we decided to purchase Fruit Ninja. The system was working fine until we plugged the Kinect back in and the system went dead and we noticed a burning smell. After some testing it would appear that the system works until the Kinect is plugged in when it just shuts down completely.

I was wondering if anyone else has seen/heard a similar issue, and is it as simple as a faulty Kinect (bought off ebay/god I hope so), or might it be a sign that my xbox is on it's way out?

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The red light on the power supply may mean that its busted. The 360 with the Kinect may have drawn to much power and pushed it over the edge, but i wouldn't use that power supply if you smelt something burning.

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