Xbox VS Baseball Bat

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#1 Posted by Slydotcom (84 posts) -

Have you ever wondered how well built a X360 is?

This x360 had a rrod and the capacitors were fried so i though we would test how it performes versus a baseball bat

#2 Posted by jimmy_p (278 posts) -

Wow, something I havent seen ten times before

#3 Posted by ShaggE (6809 posts) -

Hey, I remember 2006 too!

#4 Posted by Levio (1786 posts) -

Just once, I'd like to see the 360 win.

#5 Posted by jimmyfenix (3753 posts) -

Cant wait for the Xbox one videos.

#6 Posted by automatontribe (198 posts) -

People still make video's like this?

#7 Posted by punkxblaze (2990 posts) -

They don't make these console things like they used to, I tells ya.

#8 Posted by Peanut (956 posts) -

Nice wallet chain. A lot of people trying to steal Subway stamp cards where you're from?

#9 Edited by laserguy (458 posts) -

I've had my used 360 for three years. It's had a few freeze-ups but never a rrod. The ps3 has yellow lighted twice this year. I think my 360 could withstand a bat. But not a Russian with a shotgun.

#10 Posted by Elwoodan (885 posts) -

@punkxblaze: Oh god the gamecube's startup was so goddamn good.

#11 Posted by mlarrabee (3091 posts) -

I did watch.

I didn't subscribe.

I didn't like.

I didn't watch a livestream.

I take things very seriously.

It's only OK to have fun if it involves amphetamines.

#12 Posted by ajamafalous (12222 posts) -

You aren't holding that bat correctly.

#13 Posted by DarthOrange (3920 posts) -

I gave your video its first thumbs down. Congratulations!

#14 Posted by Chaser324 (6789 posts) -

Youtube Spam.

Also, you really shouldn't bat cross-handed like that. Even though Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron might have started out like that, they both switched to conventional grips before they started playing in the Major League.


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