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Hello There GiantBomb community, I wanted to ask a question. Last year (2010) my Xbox 360 standard warranty expired, and recently these past couple of months my Xbox 360 has been making some funky noises, it sounds like it may be running harder than its supposed to (sounds like a Jet enine). I always install my games so to not put too much wear and tear on the disc drive and try to keep it cool, but I fear that accmulated dust might be the problem. I wanted to get inside and clean the thing out since blowing a can of air through the vents only serve to make the problem worse. So basically my question is if my Xbox 360 is out of standard warranty is it still covered by RROD and E74 problems, or has that all been changed recently, because if I can still send this thing in to get fixed when it conks out I don't want to open it. Please let me know, or post a link to any details. If I won't be covered for RROD or E74 then I will go ahead and clean this bitch out myself, but let me know guys before I do it. Thanks everyone!!

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Does no one have any insight?

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Ask Microsoft customer service.

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