Xbox360 Chatpad - Any way to use it on a PC ?

#1 Posted by CharleyTony (924 posts) -

I have checked everywhere to know if you can make the chatpad work with a pc when you connect a 360 controller to that computer and haven't found anything yet. 
I know there is a video on youtube of a guy who made it work with xna tools and a xbox 360 but I would love to find a way to do it with a simple program or driver. 
Anybody knows how to do this ???
#2 Posted by Three0neFive (2300 posts) -

It's called a keyboard.
Apparently you have one.

#3 Posted by baconbits33 (1156 posts) -

Please oh god don't start doing the "text talk" on here.... my friends do it all the time with that chat pad on xbox instead of actually speaking English.

#4 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

Ummm, why?

#5 Posted by lucas_kelly (769 posts) -

Why would you want to do that?

#6 Posted by CharleyTony (924 posts) -

well maybe for playing games with a pc connected to your TV... since a lot of games use the keyboard for hotkeys 
and for having actual uses for a thing I already bought ...
#7 Posted by EpicSteve (6495 posts) -

I'll take this opportunity to say that it's an awesome accessory. But why utilize it for PC play?

#8 Posted by Tyrax (33 posts) -

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