Xbox 360 Slim turns itself off?

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Here's a fun thing.

Yesterday, I turned on my Xbox Slim and started up a game. Less than two minutes in, the touch panel makes its bleep noise and the system shuts off. Thinking I might have accidentally bumped something, I turn the system back on and it works just fine for an hour or so, after which I turn it off. A few hours later, I turn on my Xbox again to watch a movie and the same thing happens: it turns itself off. I go on the internet and see a few vague suggestions about switching out the component cable for HDMI and plugging the Xbox directly into a wall outlet instead of a surge protector. I try those things and everything seems to work. I watch my movie, turn it off, go to bed.

Today, I turn it back on and within a minute, it shuts off. Happens every time I turn it on from then on. The timing varies, but generally within a few minutes of starting the console it shuts itself off.

A few notes:

  • The Xbox is in a well ventilated area, lying horizontally on a tile floor. Overheating is not the problem.
  • I have cleaned off the touchplate with a microfiber cloth and cleaning spray. Doesn't do anything.
  • The power brick light does not flash or go red or anything that would indicate it's faulty when the console shuts off. It's probably not related to the problem.
  • The Xbox is out of warranty and was refurbished to begin with, so Microsoft isn't going to be helpful.
  • Prior to this problem starting, I had played for about six hours straight the day before (I was sick) and two days earlier I had taken the Xbox with me on a lengthy car trip.

So, before I rip apart my Xbox and spray everything down with compressed air and start poking around with small screwdrivers, has anyone on here had a similar problem in the past that had an easy fix? I'd rather not dismantle the poor thing if it isn't absolutely necessary.

Thanks in advance, duders!


Fixed it!

For all internet trawlers who come across this thread in the future with the same issue, the problem was apparently with the touchplate's connection to the motherboard. Whether by dust or some other form of irritation, the ribbon connector leading from the touchplate was sending false signals. After removing the faceplate, detaching and reattaching the connector and cleaning out the interior, I haven't had any problems.

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Not sure if this applies to your case but I've seen this happen to mine where it shuts off on its own but it doesn't really apply to your case. The few cases where my Slim 360 shuts off on its own is whenever i leave it idle for too long (not sure if this is some power saving feature, didn't really find out), or during instances of long gaming hours that causes the console to heat up. Or during instances of freezing during gaming, which will cause the console to automatically shut down. I usually just leave the console for a few hours and take regular breaks during gaming.

Not entirely helpful, but take it as you may. All the best to you.

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Make sure to check and see if the auto off setting is on and if it is, switch it off. That shouldn't be turning off your system in the first place if you're playing a game, but something to try. If that doesn't work try to borrow another 360 slim power supply and try that.

If neither of those do anything then something inside is faulty. If Google is anything to go by, you aren't the only one who has had this issue. Surely a solution is out there somewhere! Good luck!

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i had the same problem sorta, i had it, took it apart had a lil hel from my dad, used a low psi to plow the motheboard and everything, and put it back together, within a week i got a red dot and it acted up again, so now it does that once insted of 1000 times ( turns off for once wasnt like that before it kept doing it over and over) anywho occasionally the disc tray ops out now though so i got new problems but whatever

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