HBO Go and MLB.TV Apps Now Live on Xbox 360

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#101 Posted by Deathpooky (1385 posts) -

Hmm... finally looked into it - with my cable company running a solid deal on HBO this is pretty great. And looking at it compared to Netflix it wins hands down on quality offerings of movies and shows on demand.

#102 Posted by JasonR86 (9649 posts) -

So both the Xfinity and HBO Go apps are downloadable on my 360. I downloaded each. Comcast, mother-fuckers that they are, aren't on the list for HBO Go. So I go to the Xfinity app and get this message; server unavailable. FUCKING COMCAST MOTHER-FUCKING PIECES OF FUCKING SHIT!!!

#103 Posted by jillsandwich (762 posts) -

No Comcast support, pretty bummed out about that.

#104 Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam (3228 posts) -

FUCK YOU ALEX THE ASTROS ARE FINE! Now excuse me while I curl up in the corner for entirely unrelated reasons.
Also, how did you manage to reference different teams on three separate occasions in one article?

#105 Posted by Branthog (7459 posts) -

This is all a giant plate of "who gives a fuck". Great, so I can pay my traditional cable providers and use XBOX as my tuner. Big fucking deal? What people want is to have their game console be the funnel through which they get content in a variety of forms (piece-meal or otherwise) and to get rid of their cable provider.

#106 Posted by HistoryInRust (6289 posts) -

Way into this. I love HBOGO, and I've already burned through a few episodes of The Sopranos today with this new app. 

#107 Posted by Czarpyotr (288 posts) -

Too bad it doesn't fucking work if you have Comcast. Really need to switch to Verizon.

#108 Posted by Clark (110 posts) -

Well I sent an email to comcast customer support as the HBO GO app suggests. They pretty much blew off my question and spun it into an email about fixing access to the xfinity app if I was unable to sign in.

So that went as expected.

#109 Posted by RuthLoose (799 posts) -

@onan said:

@RuthLoose said:

@DeShawn2ks said:

@onan said:

@DeShawn2ks said:

@onan said:

It's pretty much useless if you don't already have a cable tv subscription along with HBO, at which point you probably have a cable box hooked up to your TV. It's the same problem the FIOS TV app has, you need to be on a supported service and it looks like it authenticates whenever you run it.

I guess I could try taking my xbox with me the next time I visit my mom or something and activate it there, but that seems like such a major hassle for something I don't even know for sure will work.

I guess I'll just stick to using Slingbox.

No its not man. I cancelled cable a few years back and just have internet. This is kind of a hassle but my god mom has HBO and I just asked her if it was cool to use her account she let me and now I am finally getting to enjoy Game of Thrones. Didn't even take me a few mins.

Problem is I live in a different service area so I don't have the same provider, and that seems key. They're on Verizon FiOS and I'm on Time Warner. Oh well.

Damn that sucks. I was hoping people would be able to hit up relatives are something and use their accounts even though they aren't in that providers area.

This is exactly what I am currently doing. My grandparents have HBO with a Verizon FIOS account in Richmond, VA and I live in North Carolina and am on DirecTV/Time Warner. Type in the Fios account info and I am able to log in despite everything else.

WHOA, that worked! I got discouraged by the whole go to this site and type in the code and it'll automatically activate. Good thing it's a dumb system. :) You're my hero,

It's always good to know that the world has at least +1 more people available to potentially watch Game of Thrones. Enjoy!

#110 Posted by AgileNate (102 posts) -

Too much to pay for! Xbox Live Gold only uses the subscriptions to "offer" stuff. Why cant I feel like Microsoft is willing to improve my already-paid-for membership, instead of just recommending me to purchase 3rd party subscriptions?

#111 Posted by Kosayn (452 posts) -
The one trick, of course, is that you have to already have an HBO subscription through your local cable network

This right here. No. No I won't pay into a system that should have had a stake put through it 5 years ago. We have the technology for a much better, more empowering user experience than traditional TV. It needs to die, and it won't die as long as we keep giving it money.

Now, If I could support just this product and not also be counted towards the viability of TV, I'd be all about it. I like plenty of HBO products. I was excited that there was an NHL app on the PS3, too, but you know what? Same thing, you have to pay into the shitty old system to enjoy the user friendly new one. And it's not just a little money, either. It's a Luxury.

#112 Posted by BBQBram (2212 posts) -

I would love for them to bring this feature to Europe. HBO on demand in 1080p? Yes please. Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, The Wire. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

#113 Posted by DukesT3 (1900 posts) -

@PrivateIronTFU said:

Still no Xfinity app, and Comcast doesn't support the HBO Go app. Awesome! Thanks, Comcast!

#114 Posted by Tetsuo (57 posts) -

@BBQBram: Never going to happen. Microsoft doesn't give a shit about any Live users outside of the US. Here in Taiwan, we still don't even have fucking Indie Games, something MS has 100% control over, never mind all this awesome media shit. Fuck, we can't even watch the fucking videos we download for games, because the Zune marketplace isn't available here. Seriously, even trailers are completely unviewable because Microsoft doesn't care about not-white people, and even then a very small subset of white people.

#115 Posted by Scott757 (71 posts) -

any word on when PS3 support for HBO-GO will come?

#116 Posted by ptc (615 posts) -

A big FU from me to Comcast! 

#117 Posted by BatmanReturned (49 posts) -

The huge middle finger from Comcast to its customers is absolutely stunning. And the dashboard is just utterly trolling right now by having the Game of Thrones season 2 poster as the first thing you see once the console boots up its so aggravating being a Comcast customer.

As for Time Warner that is an even more messed up situation, the cable company that owns HBO is not letting its customers use HBO Go, that is ridiculous.

#118 Posted by AlKusanagi (914 posts) -

I got HBO today for Game of Thrones and for Go on the 360, but Time Warner isn't even on the list the 360 allows. I can watch it without any problems on my computer at least.

#119 Edited by StoicM (41 posts) -

Also, HBO Go is a no go if you have Comcast. Comcast also doesn't permit the HBO Go app to be used on the Roku box.

#120 Posted by DT9k (117 posts) -

As a Comcast customer, the joke is once again on me

#121 Posted by QuistisTrepe (628 posts) -

@adamazing:As an Angels fan, I welcome the Astros to the AL West with open arms. We could use another 10 wins per season for the next few years.

As for these apps, it's much ado about nothing. HBOgo just emphasizes the very problem with cable tv. I'd be willing to pay, if you'd offer your products separately which of course would never happen. As for, learn to compete a little better with free guys.

#122 Posted by SpartanAmbrose (832 posts) -

Fuck Comcast. First they block access to HBO Go on the Roku, and now on the Xbox.


#123 Posted by matti00 (668 posts) -

Now all we need is NHL Gamecenter Live and we need it in the UK!

That's never gonna happen though, is it.

#124 Posted by ScoFu (5 posts) -

I love that this has been added I have been waiting for this app since they talked about it way back when

#125 Posted by chrispti (214 posts) -

I purchased premium yesterday, installed the app on my 360 and I have already watched both A's openers in Japan and the Blue Jays spring training games. I love baseball and all games are archived. Goodbye shitty SportsNet channel blackouts.

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