I can not add any MS Points with my CC

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So recently I got a new credit card and I started using it on my X360 - I bought 3 months of GOLD and some points for Bastion.

Yesterday I noticed there is some Bad Company 2 stuff on sale so I decided to get Vietnam. I went ahead and wanted to add some points directly from my xbox. But for some reason it says my creditcard could not be verified and it just won't let me add any points. I used this card before on the very same xbox and I don't get what could be wrong. I decided to remove that credit card and try adding it again, but it won't let me remove it untill I move my subscription renewal of the gold to another payment method, which is outrageous (I am GOLD member for years now, but I allways used prepaid cards up to this point, so I could let it go free for a month or two when needed).

I googled some options and if I want to actually cancel the automatic renewal, I have to call the support (seriously: WTF?), but all I wanted was to spend more money!

Do I really have to call to cancel my renewal to remove the card, so I can add it again and try the whole process again? Any ideas?

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Are you sure the bank hasn't blocked your card? As in, have you managed to use it for anything else since you tried adding points to your account?

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@mwng: Yes, I have been using that card every couple of days as it is my only active card. I payed many transactions with it in recent weeks, last one was couple of days ago. There was no problem with any transaction so far.

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Only other thing I could think to try is double checking you entered the right details, I don't quite see how removing the card and adding the same card would resolve this problem.
Suppose you at least have the workaround of buying a points card in the meantime.

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Well that's what Windows tought me over the years - if something doesn't work, try it again from scratch.

Thanks for the effort, I will try to borrow my friend's card so I can move the renewal and see what happnes.

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you can update and change payment methods on xboxlive.com just sign in with you 360 profile and use the account management section to do so. now being MS your account can not not have some sort of payment method attached to your account so when they allowed it i went from my credit card to paypal and haven't had any issues yet. so i suggest if you have a paypal account add that remove your credit card and see if that works.

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@DeanoXD: Thanks, I will try that.

#8 Posted by DeanoXD (662 posts) -

@Quipido: no worries did that work?

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