Xbox Live Is 10 Years OLD

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Halo 2 was the first game i played on LIVE, i have gone to spent endless amounts of hours playing on LIVE. What was the first game you played on LIVE??

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Also Halo 2!

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I was late to the party, the first game I played on XBL was Modern Warfare 2.

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PGR2!!!!!! cat and mouse

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I was on the Live Beta and I can't even remember what I played first.

Ended my account a little over a year ago, wish I still had it now.

Maybe I'd be getting a free Xbox.

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Rainbow Six 3 with the included headset. Shit was mad awesome.

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Aahh... good memories of running over to my friend's place to play MechAssault cause my parents thought Xbox Live was a rapist's paradise.

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Had a free month on the original xbox and played one of the EA baseball games. Then I subscribed for 2 years on the 360 when that launched. Been happy not to pay for Gold since then and carry along my way as a silver member.

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@MikkaQ: Your parents must have loved that whole "World Wide Web" fad.

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First game I played was Mechassault on launch day but I didn't keep my sub up through the Xbox days. Most fun I had was Rainbow Six 3, and Counterstrike.

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I remember staying up one night until sunrise playing Unreal Championship during the sememster break that winter. Looking back, that was probably the moment I saddled myself with games for the long haul.

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In a related note, if playing games on LIVE isn't free next gen, Microsoft done fucked up. Obviously they can still have a paid tier (with PSN like extras, and if they have to video services etc.), but there is no way they can justify it anymore.

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@jeffrud said:

@MikkaQ: Your parents must have loved that whole "World Wide Web" fad.

Oh yeah dead scared of it. Funny considering I had to teach them both how it worked. Then they knew enough to say NOOOOOPE.

Which I guess is fair enough, those were the days that every link you clicked had a 60% chance of showing you something soul-crushingly disturbing that you can't unsee. In today's socially oriented internet, the soul-crushing part comes from how stupid most people come across as.

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At least they're giving out Wreckateer for free for 48 hours. 
What the fuck does that even mean, that the game is free for everyone to play for the next 48 hours and you have to buy it after?
Or is the game just free for the next 48 hours.  
I was way late to the whole Xbox 360 party, least interesting console of them all and all that. (considering what I already had to play on) 
Don't even remember what my first Live game was. 

#16 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

Perfect Dark Zero was the first game I played on XBL...

#17 Posted by Jams (3043 posts) -

The starter kit I got included the headset and a demo disk with moto gp (gt?), mech assault and uhh 1 other game I think. I actually had some fun with the moto gp demo.

#18 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Halo 3. I didn't get Live until 2007.

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There are people who are alive now that are younger than XBL. I feel old and I miss those blades.

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My first Xbox Live game was Unreal Championship. I moved to Mechassault and any other game I could get my hands on after that. Halo 2 is definitely a fun one and I spent so many hours playing it. It's still my favorite Halo online experience.

EDIT: Wow, I just checked and apparently that was the first couple of games available to live? Awesome!

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Ahh yes. 10 years of charging people for something that should be free. I only had it for a year and during that time I recall playing Halo 3, Gears of War 1 or 2, and Smackdown vs Raw 2009. SVR09 was the game I had the most fun with. Was just a shame that the community was nothing but terrible people that made Gears and Halo look like a paragon of intelligence and maturity, and that the game had terribly laggy online code.

#22 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

First game I ever played on Live was Ghost Recon AW, had a free month of Xbox Live so tried it out and was hooked first online game I had played since Age of Empires 1 on

#23 Posted by KimJongIllest (69 posts) -

The first Xbox Live game was Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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#25 Posted by ajamafalous (12514 posts) -

Halo 2

#26 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

well happy birthday xbox live. my first game was halo 2, i didn't have a xbox played it at my friend's house. i think the first game that i played was crackdown on the xbox 360.

#27 Posted by doublestack (20 posts) -

@MikkaQ said:

Aahh... good memories of running over to my friend's place to play MechAssault cause my parents thought Xbox Live was a rapist's paradise.


#28 Posted by GnaTSoL (841 posts) -

Mechassaut demo..... Then god-like CounterStrike for xbox. IT's the reason I got xbox live. Global Offensive hasn't resparked my interest in CS like I had hoped.

Ten years though...... wow. I'm only 22 and I feel old. lol

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When I was 13 (2004ish), I snuck my mom's purse into the bathroom, took out her credit card and wrote the numbers on a piece of paper. Then I used it to activate my two month free trial of Live on the original Xbox. Never got a game to work on it, though. Eventually forgot to cancel it and got an angry phone call and punishment when my mom received her bill. None of that would have happened had Microsoft done the Membership cards in stores back then like they do now, so I blame them. But I digress.

First game on Xbox Live was probably Madden 07 on Christmas Day, 2006. Game that got me addicted was Call of Duty 3.

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Did a 1 month trial when XBox Live first game out, but didn't bother to actually subscribe to it right out of the gate. My first game was probably Rainbow Six 3 on XBox 1 (October-ish 2003), about a year after I did my free month.

I actually had the broadband adapter for the Dreamcast prior to that, which was kind of fucking nuts as far as how difficult it could be to set up if you had no prior experience with network configuration. XBL was much, much easier.

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First Xbox Live game? I believe it was either the Moto GP demo (which was amazing) or MechAssault. Man, did I hate MechAssault. The first LIVE game I spent any significant time with was Rainbow Six: 3. I played the shit out of that with my friends. LIVE was crazy back then since I was still in middle school/early years of high school. I'd come home from soccer practice, sign into LIVE and play with a dozen or so people I knew from school. Good times. Then we all grew up, but it was fun while it lasted...

Microsoft sent me an email with a code for an exclusive 10th anniversary helmet. Completely forgot that I have been signed up for that long.

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I think it was MechAssault, I remember playing a lot of late night sessions. At the time, I really liked that headset that came with the kit.

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My first game was Mech Assault on launch. I was 16. Jesus.

#35 Posted by AgentofChaos (1575 posts) -

Crimson Skies!

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MechAssault and Return to Castle Wolfenstein; Microsoft sent me some "Thanks for being a 10-year user, you are an elite member!" message along with a code for the ugliest helmet I have ever seen for an avatar lol

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Don't remember... but I do remember saying "Microsoft's doing a console? Seriously?", and now I feel old remembering that that was ten (well, eleven) years ago. Fitting that I randomly bought a book about the creation of the Xbox a couple of weeks ago. Interesting stuff.


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